House Construction cost

Latest grey structure cost September 2018 for house construction

Construction cost for grey structure construction of dream house in September 2018 Its been almost an year since last time Team Overc’s published grey structure construction cost 2017 article and video, response that we got on that article and video was overwhelming and encouraging that helped and guided hundreds of Pakistanis specially expatriates/overseas Pakistanis. Many […]

Construction cost difference in economical and premium grade grey structure

House construction cost Difference of  construction cost in Economical and Premium grade Grey structure Today in our construction guide episode 8 we will be discussing the house construction cost difference between the economical grade and premium grade grey structure. Team Overcs Construction services received immense amount of queries about the builders making grey structures in […]

Latest construction rates for house and material prices

February 2019 Market Latest Construction Rates In this sticky blog, our team will regularly update latest construction rates along with main material prices for house construction in and around Lahore and Islamabad region. Lahore construction market Labor contracts     Market Construction Rates with Material contracts     Market Construction Material Rates     Islamabad construction […]

BASEMENT Construction Cost grey structure

Basement Construction cost, Costing & budgeting for grey structure BASEMENT construction of dream house After discussing construction cost of normal grey structure and finishing in Episode 3 and Episode 4, Team Overc’s in its latest episode will guide its viewers about basement construction cost and costing/budgeting for BASEMENT grey structure of house. Our team has calculated […]

Cost for house construction finishing works

House Construction cost for finishing works After discussing house construction cost for grey structure of house in previous episode, in this video we will discuss about house construction cost for finishing works of house. Costing and budgeting for house construction before starting the project is very important task to carry operations smoothly. One should have the basic idea about […]

Cost for Grey structure house construction

Aug 2018 UPDATE: Rates of certain materials have increased hence overall per square foot cost has gone up. Latest video has been posted and click here to go to latest house construction grey structure cost article.   Construction cost for grey structure construction of dream house After discussing size and location of plot in previous episode, in […]