Local Pakistani tile vs Imported tiles floors & washrooms

Local Pakistani tile vs Imported tiles floors & washrooms

Recently after the Government of Pakistan announced amnesty scheme for construction sector, theres been huge demand in market for all construction materials used both in grey structure house construction and finishing works,  occasionally demand was to such an extent that there was shortage of supplies in market specially materials like bricks, steel, cement for grey works and fixtures for finishings. As we all know that materials required for grey structure stage of house construction, are being manufactured/produced here locally. But many materials used in finishing works were being imported from China and few European countries. Current government imposed some import duties and made it difficult for the materials to be imported. Tiles was such a material that had biggest share in imported materials. Due to the steps taken by the government, import of tiles slowed down and this created a gap in market which encouraged local businessman and investor for Local Pakistani tile setup.

In last 2-3 years, 4-5 factories have been set up in Pakistan that are now in process of tiles production. More factories are already in planning stage that will start production in next 1-2 years. Currently the most known names that are producing tiles locally in Pakistan and started operations recently are:

1- Times Ceramics

2- Ghani Ceramics

3- Oreal Ceramics

Some of the other famous names that are already in market since long:

1- Master tiles

2- Shabbir tiles (Stile)

3- National tiles

4- Pakistan tiles

5- Sonex tiles

Talking about Master tiles first, they have a huge setup, production capacity and market share currently with their dealers already selling the tile in all parts of country. Master tile is dealing in both Floor tiles and wall tiles in various sizes. Floor tile is available in 12″x12″ , 20″x20″, 24″x24″, 30″x30″, 32″x32″, 36″x36″, 24″x36″, 18″x36″, 24″x48″. Similarly their wall tile is also available in various sizes but 12″x24″ and 12″x36: is the size with peak demand. Price range of for floor tiles is 1500 Rs – 1900 Rs/sqm whereas wall tile is in range of 1200 Rs – 1600 Rs/sqm

Shabbir tile was once known for quality local tile production in Pakistan but this group couldn’t grow with time. However it is still in production in only limited sizes wall tiles only with very few outlets and dealers in Pakistan

National tiles is knows for making commercial small sized tiles mostly used in huge public projects. It doesn’t deal in tiles for house floors or washrooms.

Pakistan Tiles is in production line since last 5 years. It is owned by famous Abu yousaf group that is based in Lahore. They have various designs and patterns for wall tiles in size of 12″x24″ in decent quality both for matt finish and gloss finish. Price range of wall tiles is in range of 1100-1200 Rs/sqm

Sonex tiles is currently not in production line due to some their internal disputes.

Now let us talk about the brands that have entered in production line recently.

Time Ceramics is the biggest name in market currently with huge network of outlets and dealers across the country. Like master tiles, it also has huge per day production capacity however it is only dealing in limited sizes for floor tiles which are 24″x24″ and 32″x32″ only at the moment. For wall tiles it is producing 12″x24″ size only. Quality of time ceramics tiles is very good and it is highly recommended. It is a Chinese group and is currently being operated here by the chinese staff. Price range for floor tile is in range of 1500 Rs – 1600 Rs/sqm whereas wall tile is around 1200 Rs/sqm.

Ghani Ceramics is another big name that recently entered in production line. It is the same group that owns Pakistan’s largest glass manufacturing industry with the brand name of Ghani glass. It is the only local tile producer that has imported SAKMI plant from Italy for floor tiles and hence it can be assumed that currently their quality is most superior in market as compared to other local producers. Ghani ceramics currently has limited production capacity as compared to others however it is already in execution stage for their second and third production lines that will multiply their production capacity to 3-4 times in next 1 year. At the moment ghani ceramics is only producing floor tile in 24″x24″ which is easily available in market in price range of 1200 Rs – 1400 Rs/sqm.

Oreal ceramics is another name that recently entered in production line. Just like Time ceramics, oreal also is a Chinese group. It is dealing in wall tile only at the moment in 12″x24″ size which is available in market in price range of 1150 Rs – 1200 Rs/sqm

It is said that the time period from 2011-2019 belonged to imported tiles. There was huge influx of tiles from all over the world in Pakistan that was causing huge negative impact on our economy. Secondly the prices of imported tiles were so high that it was becoming difficult for a common man to afford those tiles but there was no other choice due to limited quality local options. But now it can be said that the local tile has already taken over the imported tiles and the trend will continue in near future.

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