Commerical plaza grey structure cost 5 marla frame structure

Commerical plaza grey structure cost 5 marla frame structure

Commercial plaza construction cost

Previously, all articles on cost by Team Overc’s were applicable on residential construction projects only, however there was a very popular demand by our followers for commercial plaza construction cost frame structure. Since Team Overc’s already has a first hand experience of various commercial projects successfully completed in Lahore & Islamabd, hence it is easy for us to guide our followers about the cost of commercial plaza built as frame structure. However most of the method of calculating cost might be the same as in our previous articles and videos, there is one significant change in this video where we have also mentioned quantities along with the per sqft costs.  Similarly like previous residential costing videos, this costing video for commercial plaza will also be only for grey structure.

Commercial plaza construction can be done by two methods which should be known before going towards the construction cost of commercial plaza:

Labor contract

A contract in which owner procures material and supervises labor on self help basis. A labor contractor is responsible for arranging required labor to carry out construction procedures. Construction cost is this case is all in hands of owner himself. Final cost of construction will depend upon how well the owner has managed construction process both in regards of material procurement and labor procurement. In this video we will discuss construction cost for this method.

Turnkey contract

This is a method or contract in which owner hires a professional company on lump sum or per square foot construction rate for a turnkey solution. Owner do not has to worry about the construction cost as the builder has agreed to provide him with all services within in predefined budget and cost. Owner only has to supervise if builder is carrying out the work as per the agreement or not. At the end of this video we will tell you how much a professional company charges for its services and how much per square foot you will have to pay extra than the cost that could have been if you build the commercial plaza yourself.


Sample project

5 Marla commercial plaza construction cost (125 sq.yd)

Covered area TOTAL 4900 sq.ft including

  • Basement 1200 sqft
  • Ground floor 1200 sqft
  • first floor 1200 sqft
  • Second floor  1200 sqft
  • Mumtee 100 sqft

Item wise per square foot commercial plaza construction cost :

Bricks 125 Rs/sq.ft


125 Rs x 4900 sq.ft=612500 Rs

Brick price           =11.5 Rs per piece

Quantity              =612500/11.5 = 53260 bricks

Crush 131 Rs/sq.ft


131 Rs x 4900 sq.ft=641900 Rs

Crush price       =80 Rs per c.ft

Quantity         =641900/80 = 8024 c.ft

Cement 175 Rs/sq.ft


175 Rs x 4900 sq.ft=857500 Rs

Cement price       =500 Rs/50kg bag

Quantity              =857500/500 = 1715 bags

Steel 620 Rs/sq.ft


620 Rs x 4900 sq.ft=3038000 Rs

Steel price             =111 Rs/kg or 111000 Rs/ton

Quantity              =3038000/111 = 27370 kg or 27.37 tons

Sand 50 Rs/sq.ft


50 Rs x 4900 sq.ft=245000 Rs

Sand price         =30 Rs/c.ft

Quantity             =245000/30 = 8166 c.ft

Labor contractor 450 Rs/sq.ft


450 Rs x 4900 sq.ft = 2205000 Rs

Steel fixer 36 Rs/sq.ft


36 Rs x 4900 sq.ft = 176400 Rs

Plumbing contractor 18 Rs/sq.ft


18 Rs x 4900 sq.ft = 88200 Rs

Electric contractor 18 Rs/sq.ft


18 Rs x 4900 sq.ft = 88200 Rs


Labor rate considered as 450 in this calculation includes each and every thing related to labor & machinery such as masons, helpers,  mixing machines, vibrators, scaffolding, shuttering. Since this method of construction is frame structure, shuttering has a very critical role. Best quality shuttering is done with steel plates of 4ftx8ft palai sheets. In this labor rate we have considered use of both steel plates and palai for shuttering of columns, slabs, basement retailing walls etc. Another critical labor is the steel fixer for which per ton labor rate has been considered at the rate of 6500  Rs. Similarly electrician and plumber rate includes complete work related to electrical and plumbing till grey structure i-e conduit in slabs and walls, hot and cold water pipes, drain pipes & main sewerage lines etc

Other items

Excavation 10 Rs/sq.ft


10 Rs x 4900 sq.ft= 49000 Rs

Water proofing 10 Rs/sq.ft


10 Rs x 4900 sq.ft= 49000 Rs

Water proofing considered in this method is simple chemical coating of Ultra of Sika any of the brand surface area rate of which is maximum upto 20 rs/sqft. For more stronger water proofing method of basement retaining walls pvc membrane sheets can be used however it will add up to the overall waterproofing cost because it is expensive.

Water stopper 5 Rs/sq.ft


5 Rs x 4900 sq.ft= 24500 Rs

Electricity items 35 Rs/sq.ft


35 Rs x 4900 sq.ft= 171500 Rs

Electric items include complete uPVC conduit (pipes) required in walls, slabs, underground etc. It also includes complete switch boards internal boxes fittings required for standard Chinese fittings. Main DB (Distribution boxes) are also included in these figures for ground and first floor. Electric conduit witnessed a sharp increase in prices in 2019/20 as compared to 2018.

Plumbing items 70 Rs/sq.ft


70 Rs x 4900 sq.ft= 343000 Rs

Plumbing items include complete PPRC pipes and its fittings such as elbows, bends, T’s etc required for water and gas connections. It also includes complete uPVC piping for sewerage and drain systems. It also includes a typical and standard 400 gallons plastic overhead water tank with GI (steel) pipes fitting. Plumbing conduit witnessed a sharp increase in prices in 2019/20 as compared to 2018.

Brick Tile 15 Rs/sq.ft


15 Rs x 4900 sq.ft= 73500 Rs

Brick tile is required during the process of water proofing and finishing the floor of roofs. Brick tile considered in this cost is up to 10 Rs/bricktile.

Guard Salary 16 Rs/sq.ft


16 Rs x 4900 sq.ft= 78400 Rs

Guard salary has been considered on basis of 15000 Rs/month for a tenure of 5 months maximum.

Gravel 20 Rs/sq.ft


20 Rs x 4900 sq.ft= 98000 Rs

Bitumen 5 Rs/sq.ft


5 Rs x 4900 sq.ft= 24500 Rs

Polythene sheet 4 Rs/sq.ft


4 Rs x 4900 sq.ft= 19600 Rs

Mud 4 Rs/sq.ft


4 Rs x 4900 sq.ft= 19600 Rs

Chips Aggregate 5 Rs/sq.ft


5 Rs x 4900 sq.ft= 24500 Rs

Taxes 6 Rs/sq.ft


6 Rs x 4900 sq.ft= 29400 Rs

Electricity bills 5 Rs/sq.ft


5 Rs x 4900 sq.ft= 24500 Rs

Water boring 5 Rs/sq.ft


5 Rs x 4900 sq.ft= 24500 Rs

Anti termite spray 7 Rs/sq.ft


7 Rs x 4900 sq.ft= 34300 Rs

Random expenditures 20 Rs/sq.ft


20 Rs x 4900 sq.ft= 98000 Rs

L et us see what will be the total cost of Grey structure for 5 marla commercial plaza frame structure method:


-Possible ±5% Variation is possible in cost shown in video
-Rates applicable on frame structures only in Lahore & Islamabad/Rawalpindi
-Skills required to achieve this cost:
-Past construction experience
-Quality & honest labor
-Labor management skills
-Quality, timely & cost effective material procurement
-Factors such as construction inexperience, unusual
covered areas, frequent wear & tears, fraudulent labor
etc can effect this cost figure
-Hire professional company which will add a figure of 200 Rs/sq.ft
minimum as margin.
-Basement grey structure will cost minimum 2029 Rs/sq.ft (Basement costing article can be found in blogs section)

Residential costing Grey structure videos:

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  • Aamer on June 27, 2022

    Sir I need the grey structure cost idea in 2018 for 7 Marla corner 3 story plaza without basement 4 feet passage on one side only kindly advise

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    what could be the total cost per square foot of commercial building

  • Ali on December 31, 2020

    What abt 133 yrds building , G+8 ( 1150 sqft per floor ) , shops and 2 beds on each floor ?

    • Mohsin Munir on December 31, 2020

      You can use this approximation for calculating your estimated construction cost of said structure

  • Saqib on May 5, 2020

    Ok will wait for average standard finishing cost from you will appreciate it thx

  • Saqib on May 5, 2020

    It’s beautiful analysis for comercial plaza finally on your web thx Mohsin bhai. Is there a chance that you can do the same for final finishing cost as well I will appreciate it. Looking forward for finishing cost of comercial plaza. Thx again Saqib

    • Mohsin Munir on May 5, 2020

      Commercial finishing cost has vast variations. It might be difficult to explain in a video. However will try to explain the commercial finishing process briefly in a video and article. Thanks for following.

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