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Cost for Grey structure house construction

Construction cost for grey structure construction of dream house After discussing size and location of plot in previous episode, in this video we will discuss about construction cost. Costing and budgeting for house construction before starting the project is very important task to carry operations smoothly. One should have the basic idea about construction cost […]

Bricks for House construction

Brick Bricks are Most widely used material in construction of houses in Pakistan. Made up of clay, shaped in a mould & burnt in specially made brick kilns at above 1000°C for several days. It’s a conventional and old method of manufacturing bricks that is being practiced in this region for decades. Brick kilns are […]

Construction guide Field Series Episode 2

Construction Field series Episode 2 – Marking, Excavation, Compaction, PCC for Basement bed and termite proofing In this episode our technical staff will explain proceedings after Demarcation of your plot. Step 2: Marking for excavation Step 3: Excavation Step 4: Compaction Step 5: Basement Bed P.C.C (Plain cement concrete) Step 6: Termite Proofing Introduction: Team […]

Construction guide Field Series Episode 1

Demarcation of your plot This is the Episode 1 of field series under our initiative of construction guide. We will be giving you a brief introduction about demarcation of your plot before starting the construction of house. Demarcation is the first step when you start the construction of your house. This process is basically carried […]

Construction Video Guide Episode 1

video construction guide In Episode 1 we will be giving you a brief introduction to our objective and what we are up to in near future! Stay tuned for further series of episodes that will contain video construction guide to help you with construction, step by step video construction guide, building and constructing your dream house, […]