Its been almost another 5 years since Team Overc’s started publishing grey structure house construction costs on annual basis, response that we got on cost articles and videos was overwhelming and encouraging that helped and guided hundreds of Pakistanis specially expatriates/overseas Pakistanis. Many other topics and issues were also addressed in form of articles and videos however grey structure house construction cost video was the major hit both on our Youtube channel and on google rankings.

However after our last 2019-2020 cost video, 2021 version was not updated due to continuous price fluctuation of materials in market, specially prices of cement, bricks and steel were changing very rapidly due to uncertainty in market. Hence it was difficult to calculate a per sq ft cost figure for grey structure in this scenario. Even though currently rates are not much stable too, but still on strong public demand we decided to make a video and update our article for latest 2022 grey structure cost.

Like previous years, 2022 yet again proving to be the year of price increase, things including political scenarios completely changed which had a great impact on economy, resulting in overall change in prices in all fields. If we talk about house construction industry, each and every material required during construction of a house witnessed an increase in prices, either it be bricks, steel, tiles, wood, ceramics, labor etc. Overall house construction cost in 2019-2020 had gone up by 10-12 % as compared to 2018, similarly in 2022 house construction cost (grey structure) has gone up further 31% as compared to 2019-2020. Furthermore in this video we have done comparison with our first cost video of 2017. Each main material price comparison has also been provided for better understanding the huge price difference of around 62% from 2017 to date. Which we will explain in this blog in form of a video as well as written article.

House construction can be done by two methods which should be known before going towards the construction cost of house:

Labor contract

house construction cost builders and contractors in lahore
1 Kanal contemporary structure by Team Overc’s in Bahria town Lahore

A contract in which owner procures material and supervises labor on self help basis. A labor contractor is responsible for arranging required labor to carry out construction procedures. Construction cost is this case is all in hands of owner himself. Final cost of construction will depend upon how well the owner has managed construction process both in regards of material procurement and labor procurement. In this video we will discuss construction cost for this method.

 Turnkey contract

construction cost companies in Pakistan
1 Kanal contemporary structure by Team Overc’s in Bahria town Lahore

This is a method or contract in which owner hires a professional company on lump sum or per square foot construction rate for a turnkey solution. Owner do not has to worry about the construction cost as the builder has agreed to provide him with all services within in predefined budget and cost. Owner only has to supervise if builder is carrying out the work as per the agreement or not. At the end of this video we will tell you how much a professional company charges for its services and how much per square foot you will have to pay extra than the cost that could have been if you build the house yourself.

Construction contract type: Labor rate contract

Construction grade: A grade compliance to all technical & engineering specifications

Sample project

10 Marla house construction cost (250 sq.yd)

Covered area 3400 sq.ft including

  • Ground floor,
  • first floor and
  • rooftop mumty.

Item wise per square foot cost calculations

Bricks 362 Rs/sq.ft


362 Rs x 3400 sq.ft=1230800 Rs

Brick price           =14 Rs per piece

Quantity              =1230800/14 = 87914 bricks

Crush 88 Rs/sq.ft


88 Rs x 3400 sq.ft=299200 Rs

Crush price       =95 Rs per c.ft

Quantity         =299200/95 = 3149 c.ft

Cement 235 Rs/sq.ft


235 Rs x 3400 sq.ft=799000 Rs

Cement price       =740 Rs/50kg bag

Quantity              =799000/740 = 1080 bags

Steel 424 Rs/sq.ft


424 Rs x 3400 sq.ft=1441600 Rs

Steel price             =195 Rs/kg or 195000 Rs/ton

Quantity              =1441600/195 = 7392 kg or 7.3 tons

Sand 49 Rs/sq.ft


49 Rs x 3400 sq.ft=166000 Rs

Sand price         =35 Rs/c.ft

Quantity             =166000/35 = 4760 c.ft

Labor contractor 360 Rs/sq.ft


360 Rs x 3400 sq.ft = 1224000 Rs

Steel fixer 16 Rs/sq.ft


16 Rs x 3400 sq.ft = 54400 Rs

Plumbing contractor 20 Rs/sq.ft


20 Rs x 3400 sq.ft = 68000 Rs

Electric contractor 20 Rs/sq.ft


20 Rs x 3400 sq.ft = 68000 Rs


Other items


Electricity items 40 Rs/sq.ft


40 Rs x 3400 sq.ft= 136000 Rs

Electric items include complete uPVC conduit (pipes) required in walls, slabs, underground etc. It also includes complete switch boards internal boxes fittings required for standard Chinese fittings. Main DB (Distribution boxes) are also included in these figures for ground and first floor. Electric conduit witnessed a sharp increase in prices in 2022 as compared to 2020-21.

Plumbing items 90 Rs/sq.ft


90 Rs x 3400 sq.ft= 306000 Rs

Plumbing items include complete PPRC pipes and its fittings such as elbows, bends, T’s etc required for water and gas connections. It also includes complete uPVC piping for sewerage and drain systems. It also includes a typical and standard 400 gallons plastic overhead water tank with GI (steel) pipes fitting. Plumbing conduit witnessed a sharp increase in prices in 2022 as compared to 2020-21.

Earth fill/Bharti 40 Rs/sq.ft


40 Rs x 3400 sq.ft= 136000 Rs

Earthfill considered in this costing is for a normal plot that is around 2 ft deep from road level and after completion of foundations till DPC requires maximum of 6ft deep earthfill. Incase of less earthfill this figure can go down.

Brick Tile 15 Rs/sq.ft


15 Rs x 3400 sq.ft= 51000 Rs

Brick tile is required during the process of water proofing and finishing the floor of roofs. Brick tile considered in this cost is up to 11 Rs/bricktile.

Guard Salary 30 Rs/sq.ft


30 Rs x 3400 sq.ft= 102000 Rs

Guard salary has been considered on basis of 18000 Rs/month for a tenure of 5 months maximum.

Brick Ballast/Rorhi/Gravel 20 Rs/sq.ft


20 Rs x 3400 sq.ft= 68000 Rs

Bitumen 5 Rs/sq.ft


5 Rs x 3400 sq.ft= 17000 Rs


Polythene sheet 4 Rs/sq.ft


4 Rs x 3400 sq.ft= 13600 Rs

Mud 4 Rs/sq.ft


4 Rs x 3400 sq.ft= 13600 Rs

Chips Aggregate 5 Rs/sq.ft


5 Rs x 3400 sq.ft= 17000 Rs

Taxes 5 Rs/sq.ft


5 Rs x 3400 sq.ft= 17000 Rs

Electricity bills 8 Rs/sq.ft


8 Rs x 3400 sq.ft= 27200 Rs

Water boring 8 Rs/sq.ft


8 Rs x 3400 sq.ft= 27200 Rs

Anti termite spray 8 Rs/sq.ft


7 Rs x 3400 sq.ft= 27200 Rs

Random expenditures 10 Rs/sq.ft


10 Rs x 3400 sq.ft= 34000 Rs

Click here to understand what GREY STRUCTURE consists of and what is its PROCESS

Let us see what will be the total cost of Grey structure:

In case your house is not 10 marla:


-Possible ±5% Variation is possible in cost shown in video
-Rates applicable on Brick structures only
-Add Rs 150-200 for frame structure construction
-Skills required to achieve this cost:
-Past construction experience
-Quality & honest labor
-Labor management skills
-Quality, timely & cost effective material procurement
-Factors such as construction inexperience, unusual
covered areas, frequent wear & tears, fraudulent labor
etc can effect this cost figure
-Hire professional company which will add a figure of 300 Rs/sq.ft
minimum as margin.
-Basement grey structure will cost minimum 2800 Rs/sq.ft (Basement costing article can be found in blogs section)

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  • muhammad akram on November 9, 2022

    How much is labour rate per SFT for office SINGLE STOREY STEP FOOTING WITHOUT RETAI G WALL

    • Mohsin Munir on November 12, 2022

      How much is the area? Normal frame structure rate for 2-3(900-1200 sqft each floor) floors building nowadays is around 450-550 Rs/sqft with conventional shuttering. With scaffolding its arount 600-650 Rs/sqft. For only 1 floor, per sqft labor rate is more.

  • shadman on October 11, 2022

    Bro from where u got the rate for steel, crush, brick, sand in sq.ft? or it is based on your marker experience?

    • Mohsin Munir on October 14, 2022

      Yes its based on experience of more than 10 years.

  • ahmad a khan on June 30, 2022

    very good

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