House construction guide

Cost for Grey structure house construction

Construction cost for grey structure construction of dream house After discussing size and location of plot in previous episode, in this video we will discuss about construction cost. Costing and budgeting for house construction before starting the project is very important task to carry operations smoothly. One should have the basic idea about construction cost […]

Bricks for House construction

Brick Bricks are Most widely used material in construction of houses in Pakistan. Made up of clay, shaped in a mould & burnt in specially made brick kilns at above 1000°C for several days. It’s a conventional and old method of manufacturing bricks that is being practiced in this region for decades. Brick kilns are […]

Compromising on quality of material for saving the costs

Faults and Defects: Biggest distress and agony during or after the house construction is the occurrence or emergence of faults and defects such as minor cracks, seepage, leakages, floor sinking etc. Perfection is impossible and houses have to deteriorate with passage of time, but issues such as mentioned above sometimes appear rather soon after finishing […]

Construction guide 5 Labor & Material procurement for your dream house

Labor Procurement for house construction Labor & Material procurement  Procurement & handling of daily waged labor for construction of house is impractical and unattainable task for a layman. While executing your project if you plan to handle the labor yourself for nominal savings then you are on a wrong path. More will be the chances […]

Construction guide 3 Planning roadmap for house contruction

Starting the work without making a proper roadmap. House construction Unplanned and directionless startups for house construction often result in distress and agitation. Before starting the proceedings, plan a proper roadmap that will take you through your project without getting you in trouble, or at least minimize the risk factor. Complications shall come, mix-ups will […]

Dream House Construction in Pakistan!

Constructing your dream house has been a nightmare in Pakistan. A house which everyone dreams of, majority can turn the dream into a reality only once in their lifetime. A dream turns into a nightmare when one gets into the hands of unskilled and non-technical labor resulting in form of financial loss and above all […]