Mosaic tiles for walls and flooring tiles latest rates

Mosaic tiles for walls and flooring tiles latest rates

Flooring Tiles

Here is the guide you need for that little more information you require to choose the right kind of flooring for your dream house. A brief overview of what kind of flooring you can install will be highlighted along with its durability and different type of styles that can be installed.

Wooden flooring:

Wooden flooring has been famous for its natural and timeless beauty. We cannot take them out when it comes to flooring. They are generally very easy to install and maintain things that floor shoppers are mostly looking for. Wooden floor are mainly installed in bedrooms, drawing room or even a dining room. However we do not recommend wooden flooring to be installed in laundry areas, bathrooms, any kind of open terraces or any other area that may subject to high humidity or a lot of water. Wooden floors are very durable but even the most durable polish or finish can wear off over time. However a well maintained wooden floor looks and goes a long way.

Price Range 175/sqft – 250/sqft


Mosaic Tiles:

These types of flooring are a new trend in town. Mosaic tiles may be small in size but are big on demand. These 6×6 tiles are mostly being used in bathrooms, on a wall behind commode, on a partition wall, they are also very popular in the kitchen area and can even be installed on a feature wall anywhere in the house. These tiles are being liked and used in modern houses because of their unique design their pattern and size. They are very durable and low on maintenance and can be used anywhere indoor and on outdoor walls as well.

Price Range:  Rs 3000/sqm – 4000/sqm


Spanish Tiles:

Spanish tiles are famous for their finish and quality. They have been widely used on the floors of main bedrooms, drawing and dining rooms and even bathrooms. The main reason of their popularity is that the tiles perfectly match from all the corners and edges resulting in the finest finish. Lately however there has been a trend of installing the tiles not only on the floor but also on the walls of tv lounge or drawing and dining areas as well. These tiles have evolved over the years in their sizes and from glossy finish to matt. Generally these days bigger tiles are preferred over smaller sizes.

Price range: 3500/sqm and above

China Floor Tiles:

Just like Spanish tiles china floor tiles also have more popularity in their bigger sizes of tiles. China floor tiles is much more popular than any other tiles as it is cheaper in its price range and the quality is good for standard living home. These tiles have a larger variety of sizes and designs among the other tiles and are very easily available throughout the year. These tiles are used can be used in bathroom, floors, kitchens, bedrooms, sitting areas and even outdoors  such as garage and pathways in a lawn. These tiles are widely available and are also used in the elevation of the house.  Another tile that is widely being used in china imported tiles is Karara White. It is in great demand as of its great texture, durability, affordability and availability. The most commonly used size of karara white is 32″x32″ and other than that 24″x48″ is another trendy size in china imported tiles.

Price range: 2100/sqm – 2700sqm

Price range karara white 32×32: 2100/sqm to 2400sqm

Price range china imported tiles: 24″x48″: 2700/sqm – 2900/sqm


Local Floor Tiles:

Since late 2019 and early 2020, some new tile manufacturers whose plants were under construction became operational and started providing tiles in the market. One of the most famous name that currently has surprised the whole market with their vast variety and quality both in floor and wall tiles is TIME CERAMICS. It is a chinese group that has installed its plant here in Pakistan in Faisalabad industrial estate. The quality that local tiles under the name of time ceramics is offering is really good and can be matched with the imported chinese tiles. And this tile is highly recommended. Time ceramics tiles are available in various sizes such as 24″x24″ , 30″x30″ , 32″x32″ for floors and 12″x24″ for walls. Since the tiles are locally manufactured here, prices are also very economical as compared to imported chinese or other tiles.

Another group that will soon come out in market with its floor tiles is Ghani ceramics. The plant on which Ghani group will be manufacturing the tiles has been imported from Italy and is one of the most latest plants that can produce tile of the spanish quality.

Price range local tiles : 1200/sqm – 1800sqm

Rates updated JAN, 2022
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  • Fahad Dawood on February 11, 2019

    Dear Sir
    Could you please suggest me if constructing a house in 3 parts is better or not
    1 Foundation Red bricks works till linter
    2 plaster
    3 finishing
    In my city labour contract rate is
    1 120
    2 180 to 200
    3 220 to 250

    • Mohsin Munir on February 12, 2019

      This is very wise approach if you have budget constraints. I myself recommend people to do work in stages according to your cash flow. Stages that you have made are perfect.

  • Sk on February 9, 2019

    Salam bro, can you please also recomend a showrooms/shops (lahore) to have decent varity range and offer competitive price (imported & local). Thank you

    • Mohsin Munir on February 9, 2019

      Mehmood sons and MI tiles on ferozpur road for imported tiles. Abuyousaf for local and imported. Al karam tiles for local. All on ferozpur road.

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