Basement construction cost latest 2019

Basement construction cost latest 2019

Latest 2019 Basement Construction cost, Costing & budgeting for grey structure BASEMENT construction of dream house

Its been almost an year & half since last time Team Overc’s published basement construction grey structure cost 2017 article and video, response that we got on that article and video was overwhelming and encouraging that helped and guided hundreds of Pakistanis specially expatriates/overseas Pakistanis. Many other topics and issues were also addressed in form of articles and videos however grey structure cost video was the major hit both on our Youtube channel and on google rankings. 2018 has proved to be the year of change in Pakistan, things including political scenarios have completely changed which has had a great impact on economy, resulting in overall change in prices in all fields. If we talk about house construction industry, each and every material required during construction of a house witnessed an increase in prices, either it be bricks, steel, cement, tiles, wood, ceramics, labor etc. Overall construction cost of a house in 2019 has gone up by 10-12 % as compared to 2017 which we will explain in this blog in form of a video as well as written article.

Basement construction cost GREY STRUCTURE

Construction contract type: Labor rate contract

Construction grade: A grade compliance to all technical & engineering specifications

Sample project: Covered area 1000 sq.ft


Item wise per square foot cost calculations

Bricks 47 Rs/sq.ft


47 Rs x 1000 sq.ft=47000 Rs

Brick price           =9.5 Rs per piece

Quantity              =47000/9.5 = 4947 bricks


Crush 199 Rs/sq.ft


199 Rs x 1000 sq.ft=199000 Rs

Crush price       =80 Rs per c.ft

Quantity            =199000/80 = 2487 c.ft

Cement 270 Rs/sq.ft


270 Rs x 1000 sq.ft=270000 Rs

Cement price       =500 Rs/50kg bag

Quantity              =270000/500 = 540 bags

Steel 561 Rs/sq.ft


561 Rs x 1000 sq.ft=561000 Rs

Steel price           =102 Rs/kg or 102000R s/ton

Quantity              =561000/102 = 5500 kg or 5.5 tons

Sand 90 Rs/sq.ft


90 Rs x 1000 sq.ft=90000 Rs

Sand price         =30 Rs/c.ft

Quantity             =90000/30 = 3000 c.ft

Gravel 27 Rs/sq.ft


27 Rs x 1000 sq.ft=27000 Rs

Gravel price      =47 Rs/c.ft

Quantity             =27000/47 = 574 c.ft

Labor contractor 460 Rs/sq.ft


460 Rs x 1000 sq.ft = 460000 Rs

Steel fixer 35 Rs/sq.ft


35 Rs x 1000 sq.ft = 35000 Rs

Plumbing contractor 15 Rs/sq.ft


15 Rs x 1000 sq.ft = 15000 Rs

Electric contractor 15 Rs/sq.ft


15 Rs x 1000 sq.ft = 15000 Rs

Other items

Electricity items 20 Rs/sq.ft


20 Rs x 1000 sq.ft= 20000 Rs

Plumbing items 45 Rs/sq.ft


45 Rs x 1000 sq.ft= 45000 Rs

Water stopper 12 Rs/sq.ft


12 Rs x 1000 sq.ft= 12000 Rs

Water proofing 30 Rs/sq.ft


30 Rs x 1000 sq.ft= 30000 Rs

Anti termite spray 15 Rs/sq.ft


15 Rs x 1000 sq.ft= 15000 Rs

Guard Salary 20 Rs/sq.ft


20 Rs x 1000 sq.ft= 20000 Rs

Excavation 35 Rs/sq.ft


35 Rs x 1000 sq.ft= 35000 Rs

Bitumen 14 Rs/sq.ft


14 Rs x 1000 sq.ft= 14000 Rs

Polythene sheet 6 Rs/sq.ft


6 Rs x 1000 sq.ft= 6000 Rs

Taxes 8 Rs/sq.ft


8 Rs x 1000 sq.ft= 8000 Rs

Electricity bills 15 Rs/sq.ft


15 Rs x 1000 sq.ft= 15000 Rs

Random expenditures 50 Rs/sq.ft


50 Rs x 1000 sq.ft= 50000 Rs

Let us see what will be the total cost of Basement Grey structure:


In case your basement is huge, overall per square feet cost figure can be less and vice versa

-Possible ±5% Variation is possible in basement construction cost shown in video

-Soil testing and piling if required in certain parts of countries shall be extra cost and not mentioned in these calculations

-Skills required to achieve this cost:

Past experience

Quality & honest labor

Labor management skills

Quality, timely & cost effective material procurement

-Factors such as construction inexperience, unusual covered areas, frequent wear & tears, fraudulent labor etc can effect this cost figure

-Hire professional company which will add a figure of 200 Rs/sq.ft minimum as margin.

-Basement construction methods for which this costing is based upon have been explained in detailed video field guides of Team Overc’s having following links:

Episode 2: Marking & Excavation

Episode 3: R.C.C Basement bed

Episode 4: R.C.C retaining walls

Episode 5: Water proofing & slab

Link to Previous 2017 Basement Grey structure cost article.

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  • Rizwan Akhtar Minhas on February 14, 2020

    Could u please guide me regarding 4 marla commercial plaza construction cost having 6+1 floor in Lahore. Cost for the basement will be how much. Thanks

    • Mohsin Munir on February 14, 2020

      Commercial costing video preparation is in progress and will be uploaded soon.

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