Difference between Corean and Granite

Difference between Corean and Granite

One of the toughest decisions you will have to make while finishing the kitchen and bathrooms will be whether to use corean top or granite top. You will have to keep the following factors in mind while making the decision to whether install the granite or corean.

Difference in Corean top and Granite top

First of all it is very important to know what these two are and what are they made of.  Corean top has gained popularity in recent years as a solid surface counter top. It was first manufactured somewhere around half a century ago but wasn’t used much until only recently. Corean is a mixture of different minerals such as granite and plastic resins. Whereas its manufacturing process is pretty simple, all its ingredients are mixed together and heated, it is then set in a mould to cool off. Corean can be made in different shapes and sizes as required.


Corean top


Corean Top

Corean Top Kitchen


Granite on the contrary is a very natural material. It is excavated directly from the mountains, it is then sliced into a form of slabs and then polished. There are no additives added in it and nothing is removed from it. The main difference between corean top and granite is that one is manufactured and made out of different material whereas other is extracted from quarries naturally and polished. Corean top has a sleeker look whereas granite is more hard and tough. Granite is usually used in kitchen counter tops, vanity tops, stairs and entrance stairs of the house whereas corean top is used on kitchen tops, vanity tops and in the niches. It cannot be used on the stairs as it is not as hard and strong as granite.


Granite Top

Marble Top


Granite Top


Corean has been the pick of the day recently mainly because it is easy to customise its shape and size according to your taste. It is easy to carve corean to shape even if you have more exclusive shaped layout.  Even tho corean top is more expensive than the usual granite being used in the construction of the house, it is preferred more due to its different shapes, sizes and colour. Corean may cost around Rs 1300/- sqft plus and can be used in kitchen counter tops, in bathroom’s vanity tops and placed in the niches around the house.  Granites are much more durable and are made for tougher conditions. They can be used on kitchen counter tops, vanity tops and on stairs. Granite can be purchased starting from Rs 300/- sqft and can go up till more than Rs 1500/-sqft or even more for exclusive marbles slabs. However a normal granite slab that is generally used on kitchen counter tops and stairs vary from Rs 500 to Rs 1000/- sqft.


It is very difficult to say what looks better out of corean or granite. Some prefer rock solid granite with its natural stone and deep luster look but people often don’t want their kitchen top or bathroom vanity tops to look overly crowded with that natural marble texture. Some may prefer plain corean with a smoother and sleeker look that is easy on the eye. Granite maybe able to hide those crumbs and smears we often get from using the counter tops with its deep coloured texture. Corean as compared to granite looks a little more plastic or not natural. Its lacks the shine that granite produces but gives a more plainer surface without joints in it. Granite is available in certain sizes whereas corean can me tailor made into different sizes.


Corean top appearance


Granite appearance

Granite appearance


Granite requires sealing every couple of years to keep it stain free. Granite gets stains from oil and other acidic materials such as lemon juice or vinegar whereas corean has no chemical vulnerabilities. Both corean and granite are pretty hygienic surfaces and are easy to keep clean. Otherwise a very rock solid surface and is very durable.  When it comes to heat resistance granite wins the contest by a fair margin. You can carelessly keep a hot pan on the granite without any worries at all but you cannot do the same with corean. Corean can get scorched by putting a hot pan on it.

We hope this article would help you in making the decision for your kitchen counter slabs or vanity tops.






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