Variety of Sinks

Variety of Sinks

When it comes to bathroom sinks and vanity cabinets there are seemingly endless choices and varieties available for bathrooms to choose from. You can get a sink ranging from Rs 1500/- up till Rs 60,000/-. The types of sinks include sinks that are self contained, others are installed on a counter top and then there are some sinks that are mounted on a piece of cabinetry. With all these styles available and endless choices of wide variety it is very difficult to find one best option presented by bathroom designs.

The most common and basic kind of sink is the pedestal sink. Pedestal sink has been around for many years. It is mostly found in the old homes or bathrooms where the space is a little tight, but it is elegant enough to be used as a focal point in a bathroom design. As a name suggest these sinks are mounted on the top of a pedestal that support it off the ground. Sometimes the sink is mounted to the wall and the pedestal is there just decorative, used for giving an appearance of a classical pedestal sink. With all the plumbing waste and supply lines are usually concealed in the pedestal.



A vessel sink is a fairly new arrival on the bathroom scenes and creates a unique vanity. Vessel sink sits on the top of a floor mounted vanity base, which, like most vanities, is fastened to the wall for support and stability. This sink as the name suggests is simply a vessel that rests on a vanity top and the tap pour water in it. The vessel sink has endless variety varying from china imported bowls, granite bowls and blown art glass.  The design and patterns of the vessel sink are unlimited to choose from, and the best thing is a custom made or a very striking looking vessel bowl can be bought at a price ranging from Rs 12000/- to Rs 15000/-. Plumbing wastes and other supply lines are concealed in the vanity base or in some cases exposed. But if exposed they are designed to look attractive.



The drop in sink(down vanity) also known as surface mounted sink is mainly installed in the vanity counter top. This kind of sink is very common in all kinds of bathrooms and can easily be installed on any and all kinds of counter tops such as granite, marble, plastic laminate, stone, ceramic tile or on corian tops. These sinks have a lip that is over sized to the hole of the counter top and it simply drops and the over sized lip holds it from falling down. It is further strengthened by pasting it to the top or by clamping system that secures the sink to the counter top from underneath.

The under-mount sink is cleaner and sleek looking sink found more in newly constructed houses or hotels to give more premium look to the vanity. These sinks cannot be installed into plastic laminated or tile counter top, they can only be installed into solid surface counters such as stone or corian tops.  As the name suggests, these sinks are fixed from the inside of the counter. The size of the sink is slightly bigger than the opening of the top so the sink is installed under the opening of the top. The plumbing waste and supply lines are concealed in the vanity.

These were few of the most commonly used bathroom sinks. Each sink has its endless variety of design and price range. These sinks are easily available in the market and can be installed by any experienced plumber.

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