Plumbing technicalities

Plumbing technicalities

Plumbing work

Any work related to water supply, drain or sewerage and gas supply is referred to as plumbing work. Plumbing work is one of the most technical job during grey structure construction of a house. It is a system which works as a conduit that runs throughout the house in each room/place where water or gas is required. Water and gas supplies have their own conduit system and sewer/drainage has its own separate system. Water and gas conduit is made of pipes in diameter range of 3/4″ to 2″ whereas sewer system is made using pipes in diameter range of 2″ to 6″.

In Pakistan, water and gas conduit are installed using galvanised iron (GI) pipes and PPRC pipes however in recent decade, PPRC conduit has almost replaced GI conduit because of its durability. Similarly for sewerage and drain pipes, precast concrete or steel pipes were used a trend which now has been completely replaced by the uPVC pipes.

Each conduit has its own components such as:

  • Pipe lengths
  • Bends
  • Elbows
  • T’s
  • 45 degree bend
  • Socket
  • Overlap socket
  • End cap etc

PPRC Conduit in plumbing work

In PPRC conduit, different pipes and components are joined together using a heater called PPRC welding machine. Two components should be carefully joined together since in PPRC conduits, only possible leakage point can be the joint of components. Two components are heated together on both sides (male and female ) of heating machine until the pprc partially melts, after which both components are joined together in straight manner without rotating either component in hand. Rotation of components during joining can weaken the bond and cause leakage in future. Each joint is verified using air pressure from mouth to check if there is any defect in the joint. Once conduit of whole house is complete and connected to main water tank, a very critical test is carried our to detect leakage using pressure gauge as show in picture below. All open ends and nozzles are completely closed and sealed using end caps and plugs to make complete conduit air tight. Once all plugs are tightened, pressure is applied from any one opening, incase of water conduit, water is inserted in pipes with pressure until the pressure gauge indicates figure of around 100 PSI, once the pressure is achieved, the gauge is closed and left for a day or two. Incase of gas conduit, air pressure of around 50 PSI is applied in similar manner. Any sudden or major drop in the figure on gauge will indicate that there is a leakage in conduit somewhere which must be traced. However a very gradual drop in pressure is not alarming, this is mostly due to the fact that plugs used to temporarily  seal the nozzles are not 100% sealed.

                                                        plumbing work pressure testing                    plumbing work pressure test for leakage

uPVC Conduit in plumbing work

plumbing work upvc drain pipesIn uPVC conduit for sewer and drain, different pipes and components are joined together using a solvent solution. Any joint without solvent can be a permanent source of water leakage. Another important point that must be noted is that apart from the sewer/drain pipes that have to be concealed or underground, remaining pipes that are to be dropped along the exterior walls, should never be fixed concealed in walls, infect they should be open and visible so that incase of any leakage in future, walls and plaster remain safe from being damaged. Secondly leakage detection will be much more easy incase of open piping. There is not method like the one mentioned in PPRC for leakage testing of uPVC pipes, however a method that can be practiced is the water level mark. Concealed uPVC pipes are fixed first at initial stages of grey structure before preparing floor base, at this stage fill all the pipes with water and mark the level of water in each washroom before closing the open mouths using end caps. Incase of a leakage, level of water will continuously drop from the mark and leaked water will be easily visible in plasters or walls, hence it can be repaired before complete finishing of house.

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  • Saad on September 4, 2020

    Thanks. I will add shower panels in the future

    But chrome plated s unions are not available in rwp/isb

    Any lead would be appreciated regarding s unions

  • Saad on September 3, 2020

    Dear Mohsin

    I recently renovated my bathroom and committed a blunder unknowingly

    The shower mixer is set at 30 inches by the plumber instead of 36 inches

    Is there anyway to fix this without dismantling the tiles?

    • Mohsin Munir on September 4, 2020

      There is but it will look really odd(open piping)

      • Saad on September 4, 2020

        Please suggest

        I have found chrome plated s unions on AliExpress that I think might extend the height. The other solution is shower panel but it’s an expensive route

        • Mohsin Munir on September 4, 2020

          Shower panels are available in range of 10k to 15k from ferozpur road lahore. Other option is the same i was talking about that you have already searched for.

          • Saad on September 4, 2020

            Where do I find chrome plated s unions in Pakistan ? The ones available in the market are only brass ones with less height.

            Any leads will be appreciated

          • Mohsin Munir on September 4, 2020

            I think just like chrome colored cp nozzles, unions must be available. Will check in lahore market and let you know if available here from brandth road.

  • Saud Tahir on March 30, 2020

    What is the general rate of GI and PPRC cold water labour cost per foot ?

    • Mohsin Munir on March 30, 2020

      12 rs to 18 rs / sqft of covered area

  • Saad Muzaffar Sheikh on September 18, 2019


  • arsalan on September 27, 2018

    salam ….Mohsin bhai pls info me best builder/contractor in islamabad…..or can you provide consultancy services from Lahore in Islamabad. I am very much impressed by Lahore construction industry quality work as compare to poor work in islamabad…..PLS HELP AND SEND ME YOUR CONTACT ON+923328561691

    • Mohsin Munir on September 27, 2018

      We already have office and complete setup in Islamabad, you can get in touch at 0304 5729993 Mr Bilal Akhtar or 0333 5513926 Mr Ahmad Bilal.

      • arsalan khan on October 2, 2018

        Dear Team Overc!

        I have added you on my whatsapp for free consultation service for my house construction in islamabad.Please respond there

  • Abdulaziz on July 19, 2018

    Good Morning , You guys are doing fantastic and brilliant job… doing awarness for general public for building house and mainly focusing on technicalities. I never see any constructio company doing this job, especially in Pakistan.
    May Allah reward you and give prosperity for your business Insha’Allah.

    • Mohsin Munir on July 19, 2018

      Thanks for kind words of appreciation.

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        • Mohsin Munir on October 2, 2018

          Brother, we have a procedure for whatsap free consultancy. Kindly go through our video regarding this offer.

          • arsalan khan on October 2, 2018

            Dear Team Overc!

            I have sent the site pics and location details according to video

          • Mohsin Munir on October 2, 2018

            Number on which you have to send message is also clearly mentioned. It is 0092 300 8494158

          • arsalan khan on October 2, 2018

            dear team overc!

            Yes i added the same number but no response received till date.

          • Mohsin Munir on October 2, 2018

            If you have sent on the above mentioned number then you will definitely get response. We receive dozens of messages and requests on daily basis. However I will convey your message to concerning.

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