Labour contractors agreement and selection

Labour contractors agreement & selection criteria As previously in our blogs & videos we discussed all the necessary details about constructing a basement of the house, a detailed blog about all the necessary requirements, materials and the costs incurred in completing grey structure of the house and it’s finishing. It was further briefed that we […]

Minor items required during Grey Structure

Bitumen Bitumen is another material that is required during construction. Like polythene, it also serves the purpose of waterproofing. Bitumen is available in different qualities and most commonly available at random hardware shops are of inferior quality. Good quality bitumen has higher viscosity. If the bitumen is very thin liquid then it should not be […]

UPVC & PPRC conduit for house construction

UPVC & PPRC conduit Electrical Plumbing Un-plasticized poly vinyl chloride and Polypropylene Random Copolymer are the full forms and material used in manufacturing UPVC and PPRC pipes respectively. UPVC is used for conduits of sewerage and electrical whereas PPRC is used for water and gas system. Earlier in Pakistan most common methods used for electrical […]

Construction guide Field Series Episode 5 Basement water proofing

Basement water proofing procedure Construction Field series Episode 5 – R.C.C Basement water proofing In this episode our technical staff will explain proceedings after following steps discussed in last episode: -Starter for layout of retaining walls -Reinforcement for retaining walls -Electric conduit -Shuttering for concrete pouring -Concrete pouring for retaining walls Next to be discussed: R.C.C Retaining […]

BASEMENT Construction Cost grey structure

THIS ARTICLE IS OLD & OUTDATED, CLICK HERE FOR LATEST UPDATED ARTICLE Basement Construction cost, Costing & budgeting for grey structure BASEMENT construction of dream house After discussing construction cost of normal grey structure and finishing in Episode 3 and Episode 4, Team Overc’s in its latest episode will guide its viewers about basement construction cost […]

Construction guide Field Series Episode 4 Basement retaining walls

Basement Walls Construction Field series Episode 4 – R.C.C Basement walls (Retaining walls) In this episode our technical staff will explain proceedings after following steps discussed in last episode: -Toe wall -Vapor barrier -Reinforcement -Water stopper PVC for joint protection -Concrete pouring for basement bed Next to be discussed: R.C.C Retaining walls that will include […]

Cost for house construction finishing works

THIS COST IS OLD & OUTDATED, LATEST ARTICLE AND VIDEO HAS ALREADY BEEN POSTED AND CAN BE FOUND ON THIS LINK House Construction cost for finishing works After discussing house construction cost for grey structure of house in previous episode, in this video we will discuss about house construction cost for finishing works of house. Costing and budgeting for […]

Crush for house construction

Crush Also referred as aggregate in engineering and house construction terms, it is made up by crushing large stones into different small sizes. Its main usage is in concrete mixes for strengthening the reinforcements and bonding. Crush is used in both Plain Cement Concrete (P.C.C) and Reinforced Cement Concrete (R.C.C). There are many stone crushing […]

Steel reinforcement for house construction

Steel reinforcement In civil engineering, it is mostly referred as reinforcements or rebar and as discussed in earlier blogs about cement sand and bricks, it is another crucial material required during grey structure construction of house. Steel is used in form of meshes to strengthen and hold concrete together. Without reinforcements, concrete cannot sustain heavy […]

Cement for House construction

Cement It is another essential material used in house construction and all kind of constructions. From foundations till completion of the house, it is required at various stages. It is of two types, Grey cement and White cement. White cement is rarely used throughout construction for works like tile grouting and during paint works. However […]