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    Mohsin Munir

    In this topic, discuss about construction costs in different cities of Pakistan.



    i am looking to build a very fine and high standard house in gulberg islamabad. my land area is 50*90 (1 kanal).
    i wanted to know as i need to construct house in 12 tp 13 marla and remaining space will be garden and porche.

    how cani calculate cost. please advice

    Mohsin Munir

    Calculation is fairly very simple. If you are intending to build your house on your own by hiring labor, procuring and providing the material on your own and supervising the site, grey structure without any technical compromises both in material and labor will cost your around 1150 Rs/sqft to 1200 Rs/sqft including boundary walls and all other works outside the covered area. Since you intend to build on 12 to 13 marla only and remaining will be lawn, your covered area will be in the range of 3900 to 4000 sqft (Ground + first + small room at rooftop with bath).

    Hence grey structure cost will be 1200 x 4000 = 4800000 Rs

    For Finishing cost, since you plan to have a luxury and high standard finish which includes superior quality imported tiles, solid wood work in ash, mohaagni or deodar, italian kitchens, imported steel and ceramic fixtures etc, you will have to keep in mind another 1600 to 1700 Rs/sqft for this type of finish.

    Hence finishing cost will be 1600 x 4000 = 6400000 Rs

    If you plan for a decent A grade finish then the finishing per square feet cost can come down to 1300 Rs/sqft.

    So total approximate cost of your house will be around 110 lacs to 112 lacs.


    Thankyou munir for your details. but my question was if i wanna make a premier plus house with your company then how much it will cost me by cpvering 12 marla as covered land where our 1 kanal is 50*90 means 4500 sq feet.

    also i wanna make grey structure double story but upper portion with terrace ho u can say rooms will be n 6 marla only.

    Mohsin Munir

    Well for a proper quotation you will have to send us your complete architectural drawings. Only then I will be in a position to prepare a detailed price quote.

    Mohsin Munir

    The cost of construction and steel in Pakistan surges with Rupee decline

    By Yasir Zeb – July 19, 2018

    The house construction prices go up due to rupee devaluation along with steel prices, the recent plunge in Rupee has further increased the cost of construction in the country.

    According to a report produced by the World Bank in 2017, Pakistan is facing a severe shortage in housing units, Pakistan needs as many as 10 million units to cover the shortage. According to a steel dealer, the price of high-quality steel has increased from Rs97,000 per tonne in April to Rs107,000—110,000 per tonne in July. This is almost Rs.10,000 to Rs.13,000 increase in price.

    Amreli steel has raised the price of rebar on Tuesday by Rs4,000 to Rs107,000 per tonne, this is the fourth time increment since February when the Rupee started declining faster than ever before, Amreli steel has increased the cumulative price by 20%.

    All that is happening due to Rupee devaluation, since, December last year, the currency has lost its value, the imports are getting expensive and profits are declining—Dawn reported.

    Fayaz Ilyas, Senior Vice Chairman Association of Builders and Developers Pakistan (ABAD) told that construction cost has surged by 10 to 12 percent during the last six months; not only steel bars but also cement and wood prices elevated the overall cost of construction, cement price contributed to pushing the prices further by 10 percent. The Rupee devaluation has also inflicted upon tiles and sanitary ware prices by 5 to 6 percent, he added.

    He urged the government to take measures because local manufacturers are increasing the rates of construction material using their undue advantage. The government should make a policy which would allow the construction industry to import materials rather than going to local steel and cement mafia.

    Arif Jeewa Chairman ABAD said, there are some reports that the government will increase regulatory duties which would push the construction cost further and the general public would suffer from the higher prices.

    Pakistan is already facing a shortage in houses by 10 million, if the government increases the RD it will adversely affect the contribution from the construction industry to build more houses because of expensive construction material, he added.


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