Reply To: Construction Materials discussion

Mohsin Munir


Cement prices continue to plunge downwards because of uncertain situation. No major infrastructure or construction projects are being executed both by the Federal as well as the Punjab government resulting in loss of construction material demand specially cement and steel. This has cause a serious drop in cement prices which had surpassed Rs 600/bag mark, now available at 500 Rs/bag in Lahore region. Best way cement in Islamabad region has witnessed a drop from 580 Rs/bag to 495 Rs/bag whereas DG/Maple leaf have witnessed drop from 560 Rs/bag to 485 Rs/bag. Similarly in Lahore region DG/Maple leaf witnessed a drop from 607 Rs/bag to 500 Rs/bag as of 9th May 2019 and bestway cement dropped down from Rs 585/bag to 480 Rs/bag