Reply To: Brick kilns expected to be closed in Lahore!

Mohsin Munir

So news are circulating that government has decided to close brick kilns in and around Lahore for around 2 months starting from Oct 20 up till Dec 31st. Reason for closing is a precautionary measure for the upcoming smog season in Lahore. City has been witnessing severe smog season for a couple of years now in the month of November every year which makes breathing difficult and visibility level also goes down. It also causes several health issues related to infections of ENT.

So what and how will it effect the construction industry? Will there be any alternate source of income for the poor brick kiln labor that work on daily wages basis? Talking about the construction industry, brick prices have already gone up in Lahore region since this news has started circulating and people are already planning to store bricks in advance. Once this ban is in place, brick kiln owners will definitely raise the prices of available stock. Construction cost/prices that have already gone higher in recent months due to increase in prices of steel, cement and labor might further go up after this latest development. Though brick kiln owners are trying to obtain a court stay order against government but it is unlikely to go in their favour.

Got any latest news related to this issue? Kindly add in this topic!