Latest construction rates for house and material prices

Latest construction rates for house and material prices

APRIL 2023 Market Latest Construction Rates

In this sticky blog, our team will regularly update latest construction rates along with main material prices for house construction in and around Lahore and Islamabad region.

Lahore construction market

Labor contracts

Market Construction Rates with Material contracts

Market Construction Material Rates

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Islamabad construction market

Labor contracts

Market Construction Rates with Material contracts

Market Construction Material Rates

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About The Author

Mohsin Munir
Holding a degree in BS EE (Electrical engineering) and astounding knowledge of house construction business since 2010, wide experience and relevant expertise in the construction business. Believe in research based strategy while holding a distinguished position in the construction market. Started at a small scale in 2010 and recognised among the top builders and contractors in Pakistan now, especially among the expatriates and overseas Pakistanis who always trusted in our commitment and services.


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  • mytripeez on January 16, 2022

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  • Asim Azher on December 1, 2021

    can somebody share the material quantities required for 5 marla double story house construction in DHA Lahore?

  • Maha on August 7, 2021

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  • misbah ul haq on June 7, 2021

    Eng. Munir.
    please contact as mentioned email because am living aboard..

  • misbah ul haq on June 7, 2021

    Eng. Munir.
    10 marla corner home grey structure ready for finishing. Please advice your rate and further communication to end up with our deal. INSHA ALLAH.
    bahria town lahore – block e

    • Mohsin Munir on June 7, 2021

      Kindly call at 0092 3000 341 303 for information.

  • Saad Tariq on May 10, 2021

    Respected Mr.Mohsin Munir.
    Kindly tell me how to reach you since I am googling it and somehow come to this page i dont know again i am able to come here to see your comment. If possible can you watsapp @ 00971-568509897 or Need to know some information on cables. Appreciate your response.

  • on March 28, 2021


  • Areeba on March 26, 2021

    As we know that construction industry is overlap with real estate ,so for better experience in top notch industries in Pakistan ,we must knows about construction and real estate trends. Well, I think this blog is surely helpful.

  • imran on February 20, 2021

    nice blog and nice imformation that relates construction

  • Tahir's Architects on February 19, 2021

    Great Sir, But i found amazing site where you can get quote from top architects in Lahore Pakistan and builders. Also you can get rates from this professionals all over the Pakistan. is online platform of Best Architects in Lahore where public can get quote from professionals.

  • Safdar Ali on February 8, 2021

    Nowadays, contract based construction is most popular way. Anyhow, thanks for latest updates.

  • Hamza on February 1, 2021

    Assalamoalaikum. I am going to construct a house in sialkot and want some information about labour rate. I have contacted many contractors and meet them but i am still confuse about labour cost.. i have seen your videos and when you talk about a 10 marla in square feets it is almost 3400 square feets. And if labour cost for grey structure is 350 per square feet.. it become 924,800.. i am confused that this 3400 square feet include 1st only or 2nd floor and mumty as well? If it is saperate for both floors. Which become almost 20 lacks.

    • Mohsin Munir on February 1, 2021

      Hamza, 3400 sqft includes ground floor, first floor and small room at top floor known as mumtee. You have to multiply labor rate with 3400 figure only thats it.

      • kashi on March 25, 2021

        grey structure comlpeted. can you complete finishing work and sale. 12 marla corner bahria orchard…

        • Mohsin Munir on March 26, 2021

          Sorry but you need to do the effort on your own if you want to gain profit by selling the house 🙂

          • kashif on March 31, 2021

            i can manage monthly basis finishing work can you help me and give number of finishing cintractor in all categores..

          • Mohsin Munir on April 1, 2021

            Sorry Kashif. You should search for contractors locally in your locality.


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  • abdul Majid on November 28, 2020

    we can execute the work on these rates by giving you rebate of 30 % discount

    • Mohsin Munir on November 28, 2020

      Best of luck with the quality that you will deliever.

  • Indus Empire on November 27, 2020

    The rate of construction that are being written here are such impeccable.

  • QASIM KIANI on October 27, 2020

    salam Brother can you plese tell me estimated Quantity of cement, steel(saria) ,bricks in 7 marla double story house in phase 8 bahria rawalpindi, with solid land no filling area

  • Alina pari on October 1, 2020

    One of the best website. About latest real estate rates. Thanks for sharing such a good and on time rates.

  • aliza khan on October 1, 2020

    Is there any information about Islamabad bahria town Real estats? I need information and rates about that place. If you know kindly send me

    • Mohsin Munir on October 1, 2020

      You can visit Ours is construction only related webiste.

    • usman ghani on February 6, 2021

      Contact with Engr.Usman Ghani 03038964309

  • Zeeshan on September 26, 2020

    Very well-defined best construction company should focus on their rates

  • Arif jutt on September 3, 2020

    Our property is the most valuable thing for us .In order to protect it we should accuire property insurance.

  • Zaid on August 21, 2020

    Glad to see the new rates of construction in different cities in Pakistan . People should also have an insurance of their property so that they can prevent any kind of loss.

  • Sohni on June 29, 2020

    Hello i have one the best forum for real estate marketer can you please guide how we can promote our real estate project on your channel

  • M.Nadeem on May 31, 2020

    M.Nadeem Mughal on May 31,2020
    Hello Mohsin. Hope you doing well. I watched construction guide episode 7 where Mr. Haroon discussed about turn key contract. At one point he mentioned to make a strong legal agreement with company which consist work detail, material quality, quality of work , payment schedule and detailed scope of work . Could you please tell me what did he mean by quality of work and detailed scope of work. Please mention if you already upload any blog related to my query. Kind Regards

    • Mohsin Munir on May 31, 2020

      There is another video of Mr Haroon with the title of why you should hire a construction company for house construction. Tht will answer your query.

  • Al Ghurair Giga on May 19, 2020

    I Must Thank you for amazing information Videos full of knowledge and guidance.

  • Kamran Munir on May 13, 2020

    sir, i had a 5 marla 30×40 plot in Bahria town phase 8 Rawalpindi. after 15 feet drilling we found that this area is filled maybe till 40 feet and we stop drilling due to high construction cost and start thinking to sale the plot,but my willing to construct the plot. in this case what should i do? how much construction cost it will increase? if i go with basement and pillar structure how much it will cost per square feet. or any other recommendation.
    kindly guide me on this.
    many thanks.

    • Mohsin Munir on May 13, 2020

      If you say land fill is till 40ft, then there is no choice other than concrete piles (as per your soil engineer recommendations). It will increase your cost significantly since you may require special auger machinery for piles instead of tripod. In my opinion for a 30×40 plot, concrete piles upto 40 ft depth and 15-20 total quantity of piles, only pile cost will be around 10 lacs. Then you will have to make a raft and then retaining walls. Better if you go for a basement. But piles are must.

      Our Islamabad team once faced exactly same kind of situation back in 2017-2018. You can get in touch for free consultation & guidance through whatsap at 0092 301 8494556 Mr Ahmad Bilal

      • Kamran Munir on May 13, 2020

        Ok i will contact Mr.ahmad, thank you for quick response.

  • Mohammad on April 30, 2020

    Great job Mohsin.
    Can you kindly help finding rates for 6-7 thousand square feet commercial building construction rates.

    • Mohsin Munir on April 30, 2020

      Mohammad, stay tuned for few hours. Commercial building cost video has been recorded and is in editing stage. Will be upoaded in 2-3 days

  • Mehmood Ali on April 23, 2020

    Blog is good , however, nothing about karachi material cost. It is requested to present some holistic work wrt major cities and also some commercial plaza details

    • Mohsin Munir on April 23, 2020

      Thanks Mehmood and we are aware abount the concern regarding Karachi as we get many queries related to the largest city of Pakistan. Regarding updating Karachi information, we do not have any first hand experience in Karachi nor any references who can help us out in managing Karachi related information. Whatever we are sharing here is all knowledge and if anyone from Karachi with related experience feels he can contribute here with committment is more than welcome.

  • Hamza Khalid on April 13, 2020

    Great Sir, But i found amazing site where you can get rates from top architects and builders and also you can get quote from this professionals all over the Pakistan. is online platform where public can get quote from professionals.
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  • jh on March 20, 2020


  • humayoun mussawar on March 20, 2020

    Nice article on real estate market

  • Construction Heavy Machinery on February 15, 2020

    Some really nice rates on construction and building, I am considering purchasing a land so knowing about the construction rates is really helpful

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    STERLING ASH (Fly Ash) can be used as a pozzolan in virtually any concrete application. When correctly proportioned STERLING ASH (Fly Ash) will add many benefits such as increased strength, increased durability and reduced permeability.

  • Azhar Khan on December 23, 2019

    Grey structure with finish A grade Covered area rate,
    Grey structure with finish A+ grade Covered area rate
    sir in dono my kya farq hy or in dono my finishing work my kya kya include hoga.?

    • Mohsin Munir on December 23, 2019


      House finishing is done in different qualities, we have considered A & A+ grade finish. If you want to know the difference between A & A+, stay tuned to our website or youtube channel as we will be uploading detailed videos and articles on different grades of finishes.

    • ahmadnaeembhatti2020 on January 7, 2020

      this blog is really very informative and full information about construction and property for cheap and quality construction services contact us by whatsapp 03115191387 For More Details Click here

  • Ahmad Ashraf on November 22, 2019

    Sir do you provide engineering services and if yes what will be the price for one kanal house

    • Mohsin Munir on November 22, 2019

      Ahmad Ashraf shb
      What do you mean by engineering services? I am not able to understand.

  • Zulqarnain on November 20, 2019

    Dear Zain bhai, may i get rates of construction material from December 2018 to Jun 2019 from your website. Pl guide. Regards

  • Ahmad on November 1, 2019

    Hello Mohsin. Hope you doing well. I watched construction guide episode 7 where Mr. Haroon discussed about turn key contract. At one point he mentioned to make a strong legal agreement with company which consist work detail, material quality, quality of work , payment schedule and detailed scope of work . Could you please tell me what did he mean by quality of work and detailed scope of work. Please mention if you already upload any blog related to my query. Kind Regards

    • Mohsin Munir on November 3, 2019

      Yes we do have article written on that video, in search bar of blogs section type “turnkey contract agreement and builder selection”.

      You might find the answer in that article.

  • amir on September 18, 2019

    CDA bylaws require 10 ft offset on left & right sides but our map allows only 7.5 ft offset, would CDA allow it?

  • Architects in DHA Lahore on August 28, 2019

    This is an informative blog and helped me.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Construction companies in Pakistan Lahore

  • Muzammil on August 23, 2019

    Dear Mohsin are you operating in Rahim yar khan ?

    • Mohsin Munir on August 23, 2019

      Yes our branch office is opening soon in coming days in RYK

      • Muzammil on October 25, 2020

        Any updates?

  • rescue lab on August 20, 2019

    Thanks For sharing This Article For Perfect Resources.
    I Like Your Website.
    Thanks a Lot.
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  • M.Imran on August 10, 2019

    i am residing in Dubai, wanted to build our home in Lahore and we need your consultation for costing and other matters 971 56 5999407

    • Mohsin Munir on August 10, 2019

      You can get in touch at

      • Muhmmad waseem on August 16, 2019

        Mr mohsin I am trying to call your website given number but since before eid is switched off

        • Mohsin Munir on August 16, 2019

          Our office is off from 10th aug to 18th aug for eid holidays.

  • Best architects in Lahore on July 24, 2019

    Thanks for sharing useful information.
    Best of luck for your success.
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  • Abdul Waqas on June 6, 2019

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  • Amer on May 18, 2019

    AOA,are these construction material rates are including carriage for dha-1 islamabad

    • Mohsin Munir on May 18, 2019

      These are current market rates prevailing in the market. We are not material suppliers. This page is for guidance of general public.

      • Mahar Asif on July 24, 2019

        kindly share the current rates

  • Zubair on May 16, 2019

    Great post , this was very informative and helfpul. Thank you for this it was knowledgeable and great for guidance

  • anjum shehzad on May 11, 2019

    could anyone among you send me complete house construction agreement with client, payment schedule in %age, which part has to be include in contract agreement and which part of building has to be deducted.. What rate should be given to that deducted area.

    i shall be gratefull, if anyone could help me.

    my email

    whatsapp: +923339713049

    • Mohsin Munir on May 11, 2019

      You can find specimen bill of material in blogs section under the heading of “turnkey contract agreement and builder selection”.

  • saadatrafi on May 6, 2019

    2 marla house .what the labour rate should be. Grey structure only g.floor and first floor

  • Rehan on April 30, 2019

    Hello Mohsin, very informative series, I would like to know what are the things which are covered in this labour cont rate, which is 300 Rs/Sqf?

  • mushahid hussain on April 20, 2019

    hello mohsin

  • mushahid hussain on April 20, 2019

    hello Mohsin. i wanted to know about the price of marquees in islamabad. also give me the details of construction materials required and thei prices in islamabad. thanks in advance.

    • Mohsin Munir on April 20, 2019

      Well i have no experience related to marque construction.

  • sajid on April 15, 2019

    Hi, what is the construction cost in terms of per gallon for underground and overhead water tanks?

    • Mohsin Munir on April 16, 2019

      Concrete tanks UGWT or OHWT cost around 75-80 Rs/ gallon including labor and material.

  • Faisal Mansoor on February 12, 2019

    Dear Mohsin , do you also provide structural design services and if yes what the fees for that ?

    • Mohsin Munir on February 12, 2019

      Dear Faisal, we do not provide structural design services.

      • Faisal Mansoor on February 13, 2019

        Hi Mohsin, do you guys do the labour contracts?

  • waseem zubair on January 18, 2019

    Dear mohsin
    can you share with me the currently market rate of Simple Gray structure Plaza.

    • Mohsin Munir on January 18, 2019

      1450 to 1500 Rs/sqft

      • Saqib on January 23, 2019

        Aoa Mohsin What will be the A grade finish for same plaza After gray structure

        • Mohsin Munir on January 23, 2019

          Can be anywhere between 800 to 1500 Rs depending upon grade of finish.

          • Jabir Hussain on April 10, 2019

            is this rate for the material?

  • Engr Muhammad Saeed. on January 15, 2019

    Dear Mohsin Munir, As a Projects Manager (civil engineer) oversees Pakistani in Saudi Arabia, appreciate your work on electronic media for the awareness of building construction procedure for every one,Thanks for all. Please also provide me unit rate of Building items per unit, cum and sqm. item wise.

    • Mohsin Munir on January 15, 2019

      Thanks for appreciating. I have noted your suggestion and shall work on it as soon as possible.

  • Muhammad Waqas on November 11, 2018

    Dear Mohsin Munir

    Pls Check labor rates in lahore market is high. Your rates is low. Pls revise as per market for People guidance.

    And pls mention Grey and Finish separate rates.

    thank you.

  • Saqib farooq on November 3, 2018

    Hi Mohsin any chance of comercial plaza costing for Islamabad dha2??

  • Mansoor on October 25, 2018

    Hi Mohsin,

    I have checked your website extensively and would like to discuss a bit in detail construction of a house in Bahria Enclave in Islamabad. as an expatriate, I really appreciate the transparency. Do you guys operate and construct houses there? It is a plot on a corner of the street and a little bigger than 10 marla and has a unique shape.

    I can write to you over Whatsapp and call if you can let me know your number and working times.

    Thanks and best regards,

    • Mohsin Munir on October 25, 2018

      Dear Mansoor, Thanks for appreciating. You can get in touch with our Islamabad office directly through whatsap numbers have been provided in contact us section on main page.

  • Hasham on October 24, 2018

    Hi i want to constuct a house for rental purposes in dha phase 7 lahore on 1 kanal plot what would be the cost of construction?

    • Mohsin Munir on October 24, 2018

      We have posted detailed articles on construction costing of house already.

      • Saqib on October 29, 2018

        Plz post an article for comercial plaza costing as well for dha 2 Islamabad will appreciate it

        • Mohsin Munir on October 29, 2018

          Going through really tough schedule these days and we already have other topics to cover before yours requested.

          • Saqib farooq on October 29, 2018

            Ok no worries will wait for ur post regarding my request about comercial costing

  • Saqib farooq on October 20, 2018

    Hi Mohsin
    I am planning to construct a comercial plaza of 8 marla size 60*30 total area of 10027 sq feet. It includes basement plus 4 and a mumty in dha 2 Islamabad.what will be a good labour rate including complete Electrition plumber job with tiles finshed for a grey structure complete including septic tank and underground tank. What should be extra rate for top floor chips, para pitt rcc wall and a water tank.
    Also what cost I should keep in mind per square foot for above mentioned work in terms of average material
    Saqib dha2 Islamabad

    • Mohsin Munir on October 20, 2018

      Basement labor rate will be around 450 Rs/sqft without excavation and electrician plumber, upper floors around 300-325 Rs/sqft. Electrician and plumber around 20 rs/sqft each whereas tile installation is around 35 rs/sqft of surface area of tile.
      Overall cost depends upon various factors and can not be estimated without detailed drawings

      • Saqib farooq on October 23, 2018

        Thx Mohsin ur 10 marla house project is very good any chance of giving 1 example like that of comercial plaza of 8 marla? Or atleast cost of steel per sq foot for comercial. It’s showing 175 for house in your example given which I think is low for comercial. So just need an average steel req for basement and ground per square foot

        • Mohsin Munir on October 23, 2018

          Yes we do have a plan for costing of a commercial frame structure plaza. Will do it soon. However you can keep a figure of 4.5 to 5 kg steel per square foot for a commercial 8 marla plaza if reinforcement is done as per structural drawings.

          • Saqib farooq on October 23, 2018

            Thx for that just post link here for comercial costing I will appreciate it thx

          • Saqib on October 29, 2018

            Hi Mohsin bhai still waiting for your costing for a comercial plaza as promised to post in dha 2 Islamabad

          • Saqib on October 29, 2018

            Mohsin bhai waiting for ur costing on comercial plaza which you promised to post for dha2 Islamabad

  • Shah on October 13, 2018

    I am planning to build my house in DHA Islamabad. All formalities and drawings are complete and I need a builder to start construction ASAP within this month so as to complete the house by December 2019. Covered area is 12000 sq feet and plot size is 100×90. I like the rates you have mentioned (plus minus some variation due to flux in rates – understandable). If you could kindly provide me expertise or can build it yourself / your firm. We can discuss (on priority) in person tomorrow as well. Regards

    • Mohsin Munir on October 13, 2018

      Kindly drop your contact number and our Islamabad office representatives will get in touch with you.

      • Shah on October 14, 2018

        I have already sent an SMS on the cell numbers indicated on the contact page.

        • Mohsin Munir on October 14, 2018

          We receive dozens of sms on daily basis and sometimes it becomes impossible to reply each number. Try to give a call directly on mentioned numbers or let me know your contact details and i will ask concerned directly to call you.

          • Shah on October 14, 2018

            Thanks I called Isb office. I am now in contact with Mr Bilal and Mr Haroon. Regards

  • Yousaf on October 12, 2018

    @Mohsin munir i am going to start my house in bahria lahore can you plz give me some good brick suppliers contact as i got a rate of 11300 per 1000 which far more than that stated in this blog i.e 10000 per 1000 and plz do reply fast i need good bricks. Thanks

    • Mohsin Munir on October 13, 2018

      Dear Yousaf,
      Rates mentioned in our blog are standard market rates, nowadays market is abnormal 🙂 a brick which was worth 9.5 Rs has gone upto 11.5 to 12 Rs. However this situation is temporary due to ongoing tussle between govt and brick kiln owners. Once situation returns to normal, prices should come down to original prices!

      • Saqib farooq on October 20, 2018

        Hi Mohsin bhAi I noticed there is not a single post regarding comercial plaza Contruction labor rates and material rates etc like u have thouroghly and very precisely covered all the residential contructution. I have asked you about my contruction plan I will really appreciate that you answer me keeping in mind comercial plaza. I will also suggest to include comercial labor rates and all other related info in your initial market rate blog

        • Mohsin Munir on October 20, 2018

          Thanks for your suggestion. Noted!

  • CIA SERVICES on October 6, 2018

    Hi Zain ul Abidin ,
    When you start a construction of luxury home then you check the material of construction company prided to you for a home because some times the material of your home has a low quality and given a complete plan of your home from the construction company with the complete calculations and time frame ,other wise your project may be delay due to the UN plan of your construction company and with the passage of time cost of material will be increase so in this case you may be loose due the delay of home construction .

  • Inayat on September 30, 2018

    Jazakallah, this is indeed very helpful to people with no construction knowledge. I really appreciate your commitment to the job. keep going and impart knowledge to the needy people. Thnx and regards

    • Mohsin Munir on October 1, 2018

      Thanks for appreciating Inayat shb.

  • Salaar on September 27, 2018

    Excellent job done in creating and then also maintaining a useful site like tht.
    In this business mostly ppl get ripped off their hard earned money and exploited due the lack of knowledge and understanding of how things work around here.
    Wud have loved to have a comprehensive site like abt Pakistan real estate and building related information but glad that at least this site gives an oversight of most common issues and updated rates involved in construction process.

    • Mohsin Munir on September 27, 2018

      Thanks Salar for appreciating! Appreciations are always encouraging. Since you have referred to gharexpert website, any suggestions where we can improve site experience will be more than welcome!

  • Shoaib Hazari (@ShoaibHazari) on September 8, 2018

    bohat achi info hai. me islambad me ghar bana kar deta hon. yahan per labour ka thora diff hai. mazeed maloomat ky lye rabta karen 03335394696

    • Mohsin Munir on September 8, 2018

      Share all your rates here in detail people will definitely get in touch with you.

  • Shehzad Chaudhary on September 6, 2018

    Assalamoalikum. I want to know that in grey structure labor rate contract, Floor tiles or marble work is included or not?
    and according to you islamabad labor rates are 300/sq.ft. in this rate marble or tile fixing included?
    and septic tank and underground water tank included?

    • Mohsin Munir on September 6, 2018

      Dear Shehzad Chaudhry,
      We have clearly mentioned that these are prevailing market approximate rates. While negotiating price with your contractor, you can discuss if the rate quoted to you includes these services or not. For instance current Isb market labor contract rate, most of the professional contractors will not include marble and tile fixing in this rate of 300. It will only include grey works. Same goes for septic tank and underground water tank, some will charge extra and some might include in same rate during bargain.

  • Shehzad Chaudhary on August 16, 2018

    Sir i want to know about grey structure labor rates. And can anyone tell me concrete flooring is also included in grey structure labor rates contractor?

    • Mohsin Munir on August 16, 2018

      All rates are mentioned in the blog on which you have sent the comment. Yes floor pcc is included in grey structure labor rate contract.

      • Shehzad Chaudhary on August 17, 2018

        Thanks a lot bro. Can you please explain how can we set the payment schedule in labor rate contract. I mean if i’m a contractor then what process will i choose to get payment from customer in labor rate contract. and Also please tell me the payment schedule detail about a construction project with material contract.

        • Mohsin Munir on August 17, 2018

          For brick structure houses you can apply following payment schedule:

          Advance 10% of respective floor total
          DPC 10%
          walls lintel level 10%
          walls complete 10%
          slab pouring 20%
          internal plaster 10%
          external plaster 10%
          floor PCC 10%
          other works 5%
          final 5%

          Repeat for other floors

  • Gul Ijaz Ahmed on August 12, 2018

    Hello Mohsin, AoA. I have a good project in and for construction of 56 flats at Jhelum. I shall appreciate if you could help me getting contact of some good contractor on labour rate. rate can be quoted for construction of Frame or complete grey structure or even with total finish but all without material. Mycontact number is 0315 3322752. You assistance shall highly be appreciated dear.

    • Asad Raja on September 26, 2018

      Asad Raja. 0332 5170200

    • Naeem Hussain on October 1, 2018

      Hello Mohsin Ijaz , AoA. My Name is Naeem Hussain and i have Rgtd. Company. Name ”Bismillah Builders”. I will Contact with you soon.My Contact no. is +92 332-93807765.

  • junaid bhatti on August 7, 2018

    if anyone want give her work on labor rates in sialkot area and nearby

  • Atif Khan on August 6, 2018

    What if my first floor plan exceeds 75% limit of ground floor covered area? Would tey allow breach of by law of 200 sqf and how much in fine please?

    • Mohsin Munir on August 6, 2018

      For which society are you talking about?

      • Atif Khan on August 7, 2018

        I am building a one kanal house with full basement in DHA phase 6 Lahore. My ground floor built covered area inc porch is 2800 sqf. What if my first floor plan exceeds 75% limit of ground floor covered area? Would they allow breach of by law of 200 sqf and how much in fine please? Do you know the process please? Thanks

        • Mohsin Munir on August 7, 2018

          No it is not allowed and there will be fine that you will have to pay at the time of completion. For 200 sqft fine can be upto 2 to 2.5 lacs. However it will be better to consult information desk of main phase 6 head office as the per square foot fine rate figures keep on changing.

          • Atif Khan on August 7, 2018

            Thanks Munir, that is very helpful. I am willing to pay the fine, What I don not want is that they demand demolition of excess covered area, the covered area would breach by 200 sqft. Also if part of teh building is double height then would they count that area twice? Thanks

          • Mohsin Munir on August 7, 2018

            Yes twice.

          • Atif Khan on August 7, 2018

            Thanks, would they just demand penalty payment for breached area of 200 sqft or is there limit by which you can go over the permissible covered area?

          • Mohsin Munir on August 7, 2018

            Yes there are limits beyond which only demolition will be the solution.

          • Atif Khan on August 7, 2018

            Do DHA Lahore office have a list of registered or approved builders that they can provide me for construction of my house in DHA Lahore?

          • Mohsin Munir on August 7, 2018

            No there is no such list for builders, architects registered list is available.

          • Atif Khan on August 7, 2018

            Lahore builders are awful with broken promises, delay completion, excess payment demands and poor quality work. Where can you get help to make sure you protect yourself and have a good relationship? Someone suggested that I should ask for a post dated cheque and if they do not deliver against the contract details, I should invoke the cheque. Do you have any suggestions please?

          • Mohsin Munir on August 7, 2018

            We have a complete video guide and written article on turnkey or labor contract agreement and selection where you will find answers to all your questions.

          • Atif Khan on August 7, 2018

            Please send me link here or the documents please as it would really help me if any advice can make it hassle free, Thanks

          • Mohsin Munir on August 7, 2018

            It is in blogs section of website under the heading :

            “Turnkey contract agreement and builder selection”

            “Labor contract agreement and contractor selection”

            Both blogs have video explanation and written article along with sample agreements attached

  • Aftab on July 11, 2018

    watched couple of videos… very impressive and thorough professional

  • Muhammad Asad Khan on June 22, 2018

    the rates u mention of sand bricks crush etc including tax or not?

    • Mohsin Munir on June 22, 2018

      Which tax are you talking about? gst?

  • Umair on June 20, 2018

    Interesting rates graph and information

  • Arfan on May 14, 2018

    Which is better bricks or blocks for home construction

    • Mohsin Munir on May 14, 2018

      Dear Arfan,

      Both are fine. However if you talk about superior, then it is definitely good quality bricks.

  • Adnan Mir on May 2, 2018

    what are the finished in simple and a class finish (Rs 2100/ft2 & Rs 2600/ft2)

  • Aehtisham Shah on April 19, 2018

    Really appreciate your work n videos of construction would like to talk in details with you if I can have your number regards aehtisham 03477372777

    • Mohsin Munir on April 19, 2018

      Thanks Aehtisham shb for kind words.

    • asdfas asdfasdfsd on July 20, 2018

      contct me 03002501051

  • Raza on April 12, 2018

    What all is included in Rs.3000 per square foot construction rate in Islamabad?

    • Mohsin Munir on April 12, 2018

      Turnkey Grey + complete finish.

      • Raza on April 12, 2018

        That’s what I want to know that what all accessories are included in Turnkey Grey + complete finish.

        • Mohsin Munir on April 12, 2018

          It is a long list of around 70 to 75 materials/items/specifications. In blogs section you can find a sample bill if material in one of the blogs under heading “turnkey contract builder selection and agreement”

          • Raza on April 13, 2018

            I have gone through the blog, thanks. Kindly guide me what all electric appliances might be included in this rate as it is the highest rate of construction in market. I mean like Gas heaters etc etc…..

          • Mohsin Munir on April 13, 2018

            Every builder has its own bill of material. Electric appliances in the highest market rate must include all exhaust fans, branded hobs and hoods, branded builtin micro and elec+gas oven, fans.

  • NAKKASH on April 11, 2018

    ASSALAM O ALEKUM Dear sir i want to know the estimate cost of grey struacture + finishing work of 520 square feet covered area with ground and first floor (A grade).

    • Mohsin Munir on April 11, 2018

      We already have detailed blogs on grey structure and finishing costs

  • Muhammad Raihan on March 30, 2018

    I tried to contact you at mentioned numbers of Isamabad and Lahore but no one picks the phone. Any personal mobile number to contact.

    • Mohsin Munir on March 30, 2018

      You can contact me directly at 00923334852240

  • Zaheer on March 26, 2018

    Dear Mohsin since you are not operating in karachi, could you recommend professional construction company like yours ?
    Thank you

    • Mohsin Munir on March 26, 2018

      Sir i follow kamdar realtors and rizwan sadiq architects on facebook and i think there work is quite professional.

      • Zaheer on March 26, 2018

        Thank you Mohsin. I will connect with them. Best Regards

  • Ahsan on March 21, 2018

    I Must Thank you for amazing information Videos full of knowledge and guidance. Jazaka’Allah

    • Mohsin Munir on March 21, 2018

      Thanks a lot Ahsan for kind words. Share within your family and friends circle too who are willing to construct their houses in near future.

  • Shakeel on March 15, 2018

    What will be labor rate if the house has already been constructed upto dpc level. Please guide.

    • Mohsin Munir on March 16, 2018

      Should be around 225 to 235 Rs /sq.ft

  • Nadeem abbas on March 14, 2018

    Pls send me good rate

  • Zain ul Abidin on March 3, 2018

    Mohsin, is this the construction rate that we will incur or the rate at which you guys will build the house for us? Thanks. And u guys are doing an amazing job Masha Allah!

    • Mohsin Munir on March 5, 2018

      Dear Zain ul Abidin.
      As mentioned these are prevailing market rates currently. However out of these rates, we only provide turnkey contract services. And yes we will work approximately at these rates too. Final rates are decided after lengthy meetings and in depth reading of working and structural drawings.

      • Zain ul Abidin on March 10, 2018

        Thank You very much!

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