Construction Sector Resumes In Lock down As Per Govt Of Pakistan

Construction Sector Resumes In Lock down As Per Govt Of Pakistan

In our last article we explained how government of Pakistan will be opening construction sites in coming days during the Covid 19 lock down. Now the government of Pakistan has allowed for the construction sector to open partially along with the following guidelines. The guidelines are detailed and comprehensive but we will discuss the guidelines related to construction private sector only as it is our domain and expertise. It is important to share that even tho government of Pakistan has resumed the construction sector, public transport is still at halt. There is no public transport operating inter or intra city. So the labour travelling from their respective cities will have to arrange their own transport to get to the construction sites.

Furthermore government has instructed that the one of the phases of construction will be 100% operational that is grey structure. Grey structure works/sites will be fully functional along with cement industry, crushing plants, sand and brick kilns. Labour will be allowed to work on grey structure sites but with strict precautionary measures such as labour personnel should at all times be wearing masks and gloves, hand sanitizes should be available on site at all times and maintain distance between them during their lunch break and during working as well. Meanwhile there has not been any clear policy regarding finishing of the house and its material as per today. However the government has announced for the glass manufacturers to resume their works, along with carpenters, painters, plumbers and electrician.  There are many items in finishing that need to be available in market for the finishing works to be fully resume without any hassle. As today’s update the grey structure work has been fully functional and finishing work has been resumed partially, but it is indeed possible that the government announces for finishing to be completely resume as well. We will post another article as soon as there is any update on this matter. The ordinance of relief package will be announced in a day or two and hopefully soon the new prices of the materials will surface. As the new prices start to implement hopefully we will see a reduction in construction cost as well. Once again please don’t be confused as the lock down has not yet been lifted and all the instructions of lock down must be followed. There is a complete ban on pillion riding that means more than one person will not be allowed to be on a bike and if in case the car is being used even then only one person is allowed along with the driver.

DHA Lahore and Islamabad has granted permissions to start construction work along with Bahria town Islamabad. However Bahria Town Lahore is still under a strict lock down and will not resume any construction works until the next order is received.

We hope we have covered all the construction related points in the covid 19 lock down. Please feel free to fill us in with any details that we may have missed.

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