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Indoor patios: A scene of outdoor with comfort of indoor

Home owners are now seeking living option that allows them to enjoy the weather and nature more and more whether it is outside the exterior of their home or indoor patios. Architects and home owners are now working a great deal to include a space in or out of the house where they can sit and relax their day off or have a little family function over a barbecue. No one considered indoor patios a few years before as the home owners and builders used to use the space for rooms and sitting areas such as make bigger lounge and dining areas.

Trend has however changed now and home owners are now seeking indoor patios to feel closer to the nature with a small portion of the house with plants and grass. One of the main reasons why indoor patios are more convenient in a place like Pakistan is that they can be used all year long. Since it is mostly very hot for us to enjoy outdoor patios and when the weather is a little pleasant the bugs won’t let us sit outside in peace. Indoor patios will keep the pesky bugs out and will moderate the temperature as well and also allow the home makers to work on interior and add more details and more wall decorations.


indoor patios

One of the most important features of the patio is the windows. It is very important for the sun light to enter in sufficient amount and for the views of greenery of the garden outside. The main reason for the indoor patios to be more popular is that it gives you the feel of both the worlds, with scenes of outdoor and comfort of indoor sitting.

indoor patios


Indoor patios does not have to be a full fledge sun room. It can be a normal sitting room in the house with a sunroof and a bit of plantation around the walls for decoration. It may include the basic necessities of a sitting room such as sofa, table and a rug along with a bit of natural look by adding stones, grass and plants.

indoor patios

It can also include a chandelier or even a fire place so you can enjoy the warm cosy night in the patio. The basic purpose of the patio is to relax and socialize so it can include basically anything than fancy your taste. Comfort comes before anything so it’s important that the patio’s theme is soft and soothing.

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