Sleek look of Elevation tiles and its maintenance free life

Sleek look of Elevation tiles and its maintenance free life

Elevation tiles did not sound very familiar until very recently. Almost everyone preferred weather shield over anything else as there were not many options available. Recently however the architect of our region developed and people began to adapt the change in the exterior of houses.

Weather shield changed into rock wall and graffi as they are longer lasting than weather shield. We have previously discussed weather shield and rockwall in a detailed article. Most of the house owners are now shifting to elevation tiles as there is little or no periodic maintenance required on them. The life of exterior tiles is longer than the life of weather shield or rockwall. Weather shield and rockwall are required to be refreshed after a couple of years as they begin to deteriorate in our extreme weather condition. To overcome that hustle people have started to install elevation tiles on the front of their house as it lasts a decade longer than weather shield or rockwall. Another main reason for elevation tiles to be in trend is that they give a very sleek look to the front elevation of the house. Elevation tiles are available in both gloss and matt finish and in vast variety of colours, designs and style to match everyone’s needs however 90% architects, designers and builders prefer matt tiles for elevations instead of glossy. These tiles are also available in different sizes to cater any and all kinds of houses. Elevation tiles are mostly imported as our local tiles industry hasn’t flourished much in this field. They are available in Chinese tiles and Spanish tiles. Chinese elevation tiles can be purchased for about Rs 1400/- to 1500/- per sq meter whereas Spanish tiles are available in the market for Rs 2400/- to 2500/- per sq meter. The most commonly used sizes of these tiles are 6” x 30” and 8” x 36” as they incur minimum wastage.

Most of the elevations tiles in sizes as mentioned above consists of a wooden pattern, and are available in either grey shades or brown shades. As shown in pictures in this article, these tiles are installed in various patterns. For best delightful and appealing looks, these tiles are installed in a pattern knows as “brick pattern” or “subway pattern”, in local language it is termed as “چال توڑ کے”. Some people get the elevation tiles fixed in “straight pattern” or “stackbond pattern” outcome of which is not appealing at all. Other important point that should be kept in mind while installing elevation tile is that the horizontal groove between two layers of tiles should be kept a minimum of 1/2 inches or (20mm). For best results elevation tiles should be installed by tile experts instead of random masons. A good tile installation expert usually charges Pak Rs 50/- to 55/-  per sqft of tiles area for fixing elevation tiles.

Elevation Stone:

Another item used in elevation is elevation stone. This item is rough on the surface and is available is 1″ x 6″ size. These small size of stones are then put into a plastic mesh and then converted into 1′ x 2′ size for installation. These stones are available in market for Rs 110/- to 150/- sqft. Most commonly used and available elevation stones in market are Black and Gold, Sunny Grey and Botticino cream.

Botticino cream

Elevation stone


Black and Gold Stone

Sunny Grey Stone


Travertine Stone:

Typical elevation look in travertine stone

Lately travertine stone has taken the market by storm. Their natural texture and look adds a sublime factor to the elevation of the house. The pores in the stone and its natural look are the main factor for its success, plus it is cheaper than the granite and marble. However it is reactive to acidic substances. Therefore it is not recommended to clean it with any acidic substance.It is available in a large variety of colors and is very easily replaceable as well. Travertine stone is available both locally and is also imported mainly from Italy. In local market travertine stone is available different sizes such as 12” x 12”, 12” x 24”, 18” x 18” and 24” x 24”. Price of this stone depends on its size. It is cheaper in smaller sizes and as the size goes up the price goes up as well for instance a 12” x 12” stone piece is available for Rs 280/- per sqft whereas a 24” x 24” size is available in the market for Rs 370/- per sqft. Imported travertine stone is available in bigger slabs such as 5ft x 8ft and is available for Rs 1100/- to 1150/- per sqft.


Travertine Stone

Pores in Travertine stone

Natural texture in Travertine stone

Below are a few projects that have used elevations tiles on their front and side elevation.


elevation tile

elevation tile

elevation tile

elevation tile

elevation tile

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  • Iqbal on August 29, 2020

    What is the price

  • faisal seyyad on October 24, 2019

    who are suppliers of the local travertine stone? I can’t find any information on this.

    • Mohsin Munir on October 25, 2019

      You can find travertine stone at SK marbles and Haqeeq marbles in Lahore

  • Faisal Seyyad on October 13, 2019

    what are the fixing methods for Travertine stone? Also who can supply them?

    • Mohsin Munir on October 14, 2019

      SK stones in Lahore can provide you the travertine stone. Its fixing method is same as that of elevation tile.

  • Faheem on June 24, 2019

    In the first constructed house why there is a balcony in front of blind wall on the right hand side.

    • Mohsin Munir on June 25, 2019

      Well actually it is not a balcony, it is just the band that is continuing from pergolas on top coming down in L shape and then turning back. At the end of the project it was decided by the client to add glass railing in front to give it a look of balcony.

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