Bathroom an important but often neglected space of the house

Bathroom an important but often neglected space of the house

Bathrooms are often regarded as the most important space of the house because of many reasons. Majority of individuals would agree that bathrooms are a space that needs to be regularly cleaned, maintained and renovated. Some of them would also adjust the room’s theme according to their bathrooms and some would want to relax in their private space in quiet bathroom. We start our day by washing our hands and brushing our teeth in the bathroom and end our day by washing our face or removing our makeup or brushing our teeth in the bathroom.  An average person spends around a year and a half of his life in the bathroom so it is important that a bathroom suits the individual’s needs.  Furthermore is it a known fact for the home sellers and real estate agents that bathrooms can have a huge impact on the value of the house. They can either increase or decrease the price of the house.

Because of all these characteristics there are a vast variety of bathroom tiles, steel fixtures, ceramics and accessories available in the market.  There are many local brands of tiles, steel fixtures, ceramics and accessories along with imported brands for an individual to decide from.

Local Tile Brands:

The most important feature of a bathroom is its tiles. There are a variety of tile manufacturing brands in Pakistan and the tiles are readily available in the market. Some of the local brands manufacturing tiles are Master, Sonex, Stiles, Pakistan tiles and National tiles. Tiles being manufactured in Pakistan range from Rs 800/sq meter to Rs 1400/sq meter.

Imported tile Brands:

                The most popular kind of tiles in houses more than 1 kanal is Spanish.  Spanish tiles have one of the best finishes in the market. Spanish and Turkish tiles rage from Rs 2500/sq meter to Rs 4500/sq meter

Other tile brands:

There are a lot of tile brands being imported to meet the customers demand that are looking for a more reasonable price range products.  Other tiles brands include Chinese, Indonesian, Thai and Iranian tiles. These tiles are more affordable as compared to Spanish or Turkish tile brands. These tiles can be bought in the price range of Rs 1300/sq meter to Rs 2200/sq meter.


                In 5 marla home 17m to 20m tiles is used per washroom on average

                In 10 marla home 23m to 25m tile is used per washroom on average

                In 1 kanal home 35m to 40m tile is used per washroom on average

Please note that there are two ways the tiles can be installed.

  1. Till 7ft height
  2. Full height

Full height as compared to 7ft height is about 25% to 30% more expensive.

Steel Fixtures:

Just like tiles there is a huge variety of steel fixtures available and manufactured locally. Some of the renowned brands that manufacture steel fixtures locally are Master, Sonex and faisal. The price range of these brands is from Rs 12000/set to Rs 30000/set.




Imported Steel fixtures:

Just like every other Item used in bathrooms steel fixtures are also imported from different parts of the world. Some of the popular imported brands manufacturing steel fixtures are Porta, Grohe, Kale and Roca. Price range of these steel fixtures is a little higher than the ones being manufactured locally, costing around Rs25000/set to Rs 70000/set.

Ceramic Fixtures:

Ceramics fixtures include commode, wc and sinks installed in the bathrooms. The locally manufactured commode is available in the price range of Rs 3000/- to Rs 7000/-. Local WC is available from Rs 1000/- to Rs 3000/- and a bathroom sink can be bought in the price range of Rs 1500/- to Rs 2500/-.

Imported Ceramic fixtures:

Imported popular brands of ceramic fixtures are Porta, IMC and valley. There are 2 main kinds of commode, concealed and non concealed. To get a better knowledge on them you can read our article on concealed commodes.  Imported commode from these brands can be bought in the price range of Rs 12000/- to Rs 30000/- whereas an imported sink can be bought in the price range of Rs 5000/- to Rs 10000/-

Modern bathrooms are heavily equipped with accessories. These minor yet very vital little things can make a huge difference and make life a lot easier. Bathroom accessories include tissue rod, soap dish, towel stand, brush holder, etc. These accessories are manufactured locally with a price range of around Rs 2500/set to Rs 3000/set. The imported accessories set will cost around Rs 10000/set to Rs 20000/set.

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    Assalam-O-Alaikum Sir,
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  • Muhammad on January 3, 2019

    it’s very helpful…..but is that possible you can share with us the good dealers, places,cities and showrooms where we can buy in variety , good prices ,and quality products etc… makes this site a review site and also can bring good business for you guys..
    stay blessed bro

    • Mohsin Munir on January 4, 2019

      Muhammad, I like your idea and we are actually working on it. We had exactly the same model in our mind that you recommended. We were thinking of making videos of good showrooms from where we ourself buy different construction materials, review the showrooms according to their customer services standards and most importantly prices.

      • Khurram on November 3, 2020

        have you produced a list of sellers yet ? as i see this comment is almost 2 years old. I would like to see if you have honest and best vendors to share with us please?

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