Innovations in Modern kitchens

Innovations in Modern kitchens

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Kitchens have always been a very important part of the house. However in last decade or so they have increased in demand because of their change in functionality and design. There have been vast advancements in kitchen technologies. Kitchen in older days were used for just cooking but that has drastically changed. In recent years kitchen has become a more central part of the house where families not only cook but eat and gather as well. User demands have increased considerably over the years.

Technology has played a very vital role in recent years in kitchen, helping in improving many ordinary and simple time taking tasks easier and more efficient in functionality. We are often unaware of the usage of technologies used in things such as timers, setting temperatures and cooking.

Traditional kitchens used to put less importance to technology. The main reason of this was the technologies used in kitchen now a days weren’t invented and also the time being used or spent in the kitchen then was less than time spent now. Now a days kitchen is not just used for cooking. It is seem more as a multi functional room. Modern kitchens are not just efficient but also very entertaining with the appliances being used in them.

Kitchen Appliances & Accessories

Recently there has been a flow of different variety of kitchen appliances. There has been continuous development in kitchen appliances that suits everyone’s needs and budgets. Most modern kitchens will have appliances such as built in electric oven and microwaves and some of them are even installed with dishwashers and coffee making machines. These appliances help speed up the cleaning and cooking process and can also save a lot of money in the long run. Most of these kitchen appliances are already installed in the kitchens by companies and you don’t have to buy them separately. Along with appliances kitchens are  equipped with accessories such as pull out baskets, spice racks, magic corners, cutlery trays and larder units.

Pantry / larder cabinet

Spice Racks

Spice Racks

Pull out Cabinets

Cutlery Tray



built in microwave and electric oven


Modern kitchens can be built according to your requirements and with keeping your space and budget in mind. The designers can now create a setup that is completely customised to your kitchen space. That means you can choose and select the appliances you want to install and the things you want to leave.

Kitchen Tops:

Normally there are two main types of  tops that are used as kitchen top. Granite and Corian tops. Granite top are more glossy and longer lasting in terms of breaking or strength and are cheaper than corian tops. Granite tops are available in range of Rs 350/sq ft – to Rs 1100/sq ft-. On the other hand Corian tops are much more better in finish, looks and  also very durable. Corian tops are in very high demand because of their  sleek finish and joint less finish making it look very smooth  and beautiful. Corian tops are available from Rs 1200/ sq ft- to Rs 2000/ sq ft-. There are mainly two types of corian, Chinese that are slightly cheaper and European (deupont) that are slightly expensive around Rs 2000/ sq ft. The cheapest top that anyone can get is a marble top. Marble top are cheaper than both granite and corian tops. They are available from Rs 200/- sq ft to Rs 300/- sq ft

Corian Top kitchens

Granite top Kitchens

Marble top kitchens

Kitchen sheets and its Pricing

Kitchens now are not just limited to one colour theme or shape and sheets. There is a vast variety of sheets for instance kitchens can be built in High gloss sheet, UV sheets and Acrylic sheets. The price range of high gloss sheets is from Rs 3000/- to Rs4000/- per sheet, UV sheets are available from Rs5000/- to Rs6000/- per sheet, acrylic sheets are available in the market for Rs6000/- to Rs10000/- per sheet whereas malamine sheets are available  from Rs10000/- to Rs12000/- per sheet. House owners can now have printed sheets installed in their kitchens as well. The choices are endless and they can be tailored to suit the style of every individual as well as the house. Modern kitchens are more efficient and durable as they are technically sound and longer lasting.

                  UV finished kitchens

                  UV finished kitchens

               Acrylic finished kitchens

                Melamine finished kitchens

Prevailing market rates for ready made kitchen cabinetry:

Rs 900 to Rs 1000/ sq.ft with fronts in local high gloss sheets and back boxes in melawhite or melagrey chipboard lamination, without counter tops, accessories and appliances.

Rs 1100 to Rs 1500/sq.ft with fronts in UV sheets and back boxes in melawhite or melagrey chipboard lamination, without counter tops, accessories and  appliances.

Rs 1200 to Rs 2000/sq.ft with fronts in Acrylic sheets and back boxes in melawhite or melagrey chipboard lamination, without counter tops, accessories and appliances.

Rs 1500 to Rs 2000/ sq ft with fronts in Melamine sheets and back boxes in melawhite or melagrey chipboard lamination, without counter tops, accessories and appliances.

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