The undying trend of wallpapers, a brief guide on the characteristics of wallpaper

The undying trend of wallpapers, a brief guide on the characteristics of wallpaper


Just like wooden tiles another undying trend of interior design is wallpapers. Wallpapers have been around in the trend and have been beautifying not just bedrooms but also stair cases, kitchen walls and also powder rooms for years. Many of us are usually confused about the durability of the wallpapers and that it will ruin the wall paint. In fact wallpapers are durable, long lasting and cleanable to meet the different lifestyles and applications, holding up to wear and tear of children or conditions in high traffic areas. According to a research wall coverings are now almost five times longer lasting than paint under typical usage conditions.


wallpapers may require a little knowledge on how to apply the wallpapers so the pattern is not disturbed and the application is bubble free and smooth. Most of them will have a life span of 10 to 15 years depending on the quality of the wallpaper and the application method making it even more durable. On the other hand paint cracks over time and requires more frequent cleaning to the keep it looking fresh. Paint may need to be repaired after only a few years and the repairing process is a lot messier than installation of wallpaper or repairing of wallpaper.

Wallpapers are available in massive amount of variety for the consumers to choose from. Every and any kind of wallpapers can be found with styles and patterns to suit the style and appeal to every individual, generations and spaces. Wallpapers help bring warmth and depth to a room that may be a little hard to achieve from paint alone. Wallpapers not only bring warmth and depth to the room but also allows the consumer to really show off their personalities and style with the range of patterns, prints and colors available in the market. Whether you are defining a feature wall or a whole room there are designs available in various scales from small to medium to large to go with all kinds of walls and portions.

Sizes and Pricing:

Wallpapers come in all designs, size and pricing. Wallpaper’s price range start from Rs500/- per roll of around 10m (meters) to Rs7000/- per roll. Prices normally depend on the quality of the paper, its thickness and durability. It also depends on type of printing on the paper. Different types of printing include, digital printing, screen printing, 3d printing etc. The recommended price range for a good wallpaper ranges from Rs2500/- to Rs3500/- per roll. Wallpapers in this range are durable the paper quality is good and the printing will also be of high quality.

Wallpapers are back and are being used by pretty much all the interior designers. It is definitely in trend with its cutting edge     technologies and contemporary styles to give your home a designer look.

Things to remember before wallpaper installation

  • Wallpaper is a sensitive material and its installation should be kept at the very last stage of finishing works during house construction, it might not sustain any damage during construction work hence requiring complete replacement
  • Wallpaper should be installed by a professional. Many people believe that installation of wallpaper is a simple task hence resulting in bubbled and blistery finish. For a layman it also becomes impossible to join the lining/edges of wallpaper.
  • Surface should be properly prepared before application of wallpaper. Wallpapers should not be fixed directly on plaster finish surface. Surface should be prepared in same way as for paint i-e wall scrubbing and applying wall putty.
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