Important feature of Home interior: Fireplace

Important feature of Home interior: Fireplace

Just like other important features of home interior like waterbodies, indoor plantation and aquariums, fireplace is a very important feature of the house. It brings an additional heat source in the house along with creating a very relaxed, romantic and cozy atmosphere. There are mainly three types of fire places being used, wood burning fire place, gas and electric fire place.

Wood burning fireplace:

          Wood burning fire places are a timeless favourite and have been warming houses throughout ages. Wood burning fireplaces not only provide warmth to the house but also creates a great ambiance and coziness to the house. Due to its large number of requirements and space allocation wood burning fireplaces are not widely used or recommended in Pakistan.

Gas and Electric Fireplace:

          Even though gas and electric fireplaces are both different from each other they share quite a few similar benefits. They both provide a better more safer alternative to wood burning fire places. There is no danger of excess of carbon monoxide in the house or danger of fire jumping of the hearth. Gas fire place produces minimum amount of emission as compared to wood burning whereas electric fireplace does not produces emission at all.

Another reason to select gas or electric fireplace over wood burning fire place is they provide consistent supply of heat for as long as it is required and not until the wood logs run out.

Gas Fireplace:

          A true alternate of the wood burning is gas fireplace and its main attraction is its flame. Gas fireplaces have such a vast variety of logs available, that is very easy to manage it within the budget and also according to the interior theme. As compared to wood burning fireplace gas unit is a lot easier to maintain and a lot less messy. The heat produced in gas fireplace is totally consumed in providing heat whereas in wood burning unit most of the heat is wasted through the chimney. Another feature of gas burning fireplaces that make them high in demand is their easy fixture anywhere in the bedroom or drawing and dining room.

Gas fireplaces are easily available in steel and copper body in price range of 12000 to 15000 Pak Rupees. 

Electric Fireplace:

          Electric fireplace are growing in demand lately for their safe and secure usage and easy to install features. There are two major differences between the gas fireplace and electric fireplace. Electric fireplace use innovative LED lights with reflective mirror giving us a remarkably realistic illusion of real fire without creating a mess or the hassle in wood burning fireplace or the fire hazards of gas fireplace. Secondly you can enjoy the beauty of dancing orange flames by turning off the heating as it is just the reflected light. In Pakistan the extreme weather does not allow us to enjoy the fireplace throughout the year. In this scenario the electric fireplace comes in very handy and you can enjoy the view or a fire place throughout the year. As the electric fire place does not supply much of heat as compared to gas or wood burning so it is important to use it as supplemental heat source. However there are many other advantages of electric fireplace that makes them a must have in the house. as they do not rely on any kind of exhaust or vent to operate the heat produced stays in the room for a longer period of time. With an electric fireplace there is no need to repeatedly cleaning the chimney or sweeping the ashes of wood. The only maintenance required to do would be occasional changing of the bulb. Since there are no flames or gas emissions electric fireplaces are the safest and Eco friendly fireplaces. Making them the go to fireplace for the houses.

Electric fireplaces are easily available in market in price range of 18000 to 25000 Pak Rupees. 


Wood burning fireplaces were once the main attribute of the house once but lately they do not make sense to the world as compared to gas and electric fireplace. If you are looking for a clean, safe and efficient heat source you should try installing a electric or a gas fireplace to your home. You will be able to enjoy a the heat of a fireplace without sacrificing the ambiance and the feel that comes with the real fire.



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    • Mohsin Munir on December 2, 2019

      There are plenty of vendors to whom you can order and they will prepare the fireplace according to your sizes in their workshop and assemble on site.

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          Try this guy:
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