Concealed vs Non concealed steel & ceramic fixtures

Concealed vs Non concealed steel & ceramic fixtures

Talking about the finishing works of washrooms and kitchens, ceramic and steel fixtures are as important to consider as tiles for final aesthetic looks. Ceramic fixtures include water closets, concealed commode, non concealed commode and wash basins whereas steel fixtures include complete faucet(taps) range such has hand mixer, bath mixer, showers etc. All the fixtures required in house are of critical importance because of their regular and constant usage. Fixtures should be easy and practical in operation with minimum chances of malfunction. Maintenance and cleaning of fixtures is required regularly hence such fixtures should be selected that are easy to maintain.

There are various companies in Pakistan manufacturing ceramic and steel fixtures locally however ceramic fixtures mostly used in houses these days are imported under different brand names such as Porta, Valley, IMC etc due to quality, durability and variety in designs. For steel fixtures local companies such as Sonex, Master and Faisal are manufacturing good quality and durable products and are more reliable as compared to imported steel fixtures whose maintenance and hardware replacement in case of malfunction is a major issue. However imported steel fixtures such as Grohe, porta, kohler, kale etc are more appealing in looks and are superior in quality.

As the topic of this article indicates, fixtures are of two types as shown in picture below:

Concealed fixtures

                  concealed commode      rain shower

Such fixtures are usually expensive due to their more appealing looks and complex concealed system. Each fixture visible open has its separate concealed system fixed behind tiles in masonry. Though concealed fixtures are more appealing and a status symbol for luxury finishes, but its installation requires extra care. All concealed fixtures must be tested for leakage before finishing walls with plaster or tiles. Any minor defect in concealed system can cause leakage and its repair work can be a tough job. Incase of concealed ceramic water closet, recommended internal tank is of Grohe (or any other equivalent imported tank) as shown in picture below. Grohe internal tanks price range is between Rs 10000 to Rs 19000(only internal system and excluding outer commode) for different models. One thing to be taken in notice about concealed commodes is that internal tank and outer commode can be of different companies e.g if you are using grohe’s internal tank, outer commode or water closet can be of any company. However incase of steel fixtures it is opposite, each brand has its own internal and outer system. In local companies Sonex is manufacturing best concealed steel fixtures and can be purchased in a price range of Rs 6000 to Rs 10000 (shower mixer internal body and outer dial plate only). For imported brands such as grohe, porta, kohler etc this price range can go up to Rs 20000 to Rs 30000.

Non-Concealed fixtures


As the pictures suggests these are standard fixtures that are mostly used in houses and easily available at economic prices under all brand names mentioned above. Installation of these fixtures is fairly simple as compared to concealed fixtures that require special installation care. For water closets and sinks, imported ceramic fixtures are more recommended as compared to local. Water closets can be purchased in a price range of Rs 10000 to Rs 25000. One piece IFO commodes are higher in prices as compared to 2 piece commodes. During the stage of uPVC pipes layout for drain system of water closet, make sure that center point of p-trap is either at 4.5 inches from wall or at 12 inches. Most of the imported ceramic fixtures are designed for 12″ p-trap point and are more recommended due to powerful waste suction system. Similarly non-concealed steel fixtures can be found under local brands of Sonex, Master and faisal in a price range of Rs 11000 to Rs 20000 (complete set including hand mixer, shower mixer, muslim shower and all bib cocks).

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  • Muhammad Jibran on July 31, 2018

    My dear Mohsin Munir, I have few questions regarding Turnkey project, Q 1: During construction can we interfere if we find the material is not according to specifications? Q 2: Do we have right to counter check the quality of cement, bricks, and steel with the help of independent inspectors as you specified in you agreement? Q 3: Do your company will provide the sample of tiles, wood and electric wires that will be used during finishing work so that we can check the quality and price of material in open market before the start of finishing work? Q 4: In your agreement will your company provide us estimated time to complete the project if all payments are made in time? Q 5: Do you have team of sincere and qualified persons in Islamabad too as you have in the Lahore office. Thank You so much.

    • Mohsin Munir on July 31, 2018

      Ans1: Yes you have every legal and moral right to interfere for specifications check if they are as per agreed agreement or not.
      Ans2: Yes you have every legal and moral right to check the quality of cement bricks steel and other items with the help of third neutral party.
      Ans3: In turnkey contracts, all finishing items should be purchased directly by the client as per his own color and other choices, and bills should be adjusted in running installments. As in our case we have mentioned certain price ranges for all finishing material required. Client can purchase directly himself or with the help of builder and pay directly.

      Ans4: yes time line is mentioned must!

      Ans5: Yes we do have teams in Islamabad.

  • saleem on July 30, 2018

    I like your blogs, your website is really informative. Keep it up, and Best of Luck.

    • Mohsin Munir on July 30, 2018

      Thanks saleem for appreciating. Keep visiting for more blogs in future.

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