Tiles for floors and washrooms

Tiles for floors and washrooms


In recent decade, tiles for flooring finishes have extensively replaced marble. It has been 10 good years of evolution for tiles in market of Pakistan. However local manufacturing and production of tile is not satisfactory and considerable trend has been towards imported tile. Tiles are being imported from Spain, Italy, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Iran, UAE and other countries. Tiles most commonly used for flooring purposes are imported from China in sizes of 24in x 24in and 32in x 32in. Tiles with larger sizes such as 2ft x 4ft and 4ft x 8ft are also being imported but are very costly. Similarly tiles used for walls in washrooms, kitchens etc are also being imported in different sizes such as 12in x 24in, 12in x 32in, 10in x 36in. Following illustration shows most commonly available sizes for walls imported tiles:


There have been quite a few renowned names manufacturing tile locally which includes Sonex, Master, Shabbir ceramics and others, but the reasons for trend shifting towards imported tile are:

  1. Availability of more designs, shades and patterns at economical rates as compared to local tile
  2. Full body and more durability in imported tile
  3. Imported full body tiles are not permeable to water
  4. Availability of various sizes in imported tile is more as compared to local tile
  5. Imported unglazed full body tile have higher slip resistance and higher impact resistance as compared to local tile.

Types of tiles

Ceramic tile

Ceramic tiles are made by heating & firing clay. Once clay is heated to required extent for gaining required strength, color or texture as per desired design is applied over fired clay tile. The process of applying texture is called glazing process and it can apply infinity combinations of colors and textures to tile. Such tiles are mostly not full body tiles as they only have a very thin layer or a digital print of texture only over fired clay tile. Ceramic tile can have both glazed and unglazed texture. Unglazed ceramic tiles are useful for wet areas as well as outdoor areas exposed to severe heat in summers or severe cold in winters. Ceramic unglazed tiles are more scratch resistant as compare to glazed ceramic tile.

Porcelain tile

Difference between porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles is that porcelain tiles are heated at much higher temperatures making it more dense and moisture resistant. Hence making a tile much more durable, least porous and more stain resistant. Porcelain tiles are very suitable for indoor and outdoor floorings and are available in both glazed and matt (unglazed) textures. Full body tiles are only available in porcelain in which color and texture runs consistently throughout the body of tile unlike earlier discussed tile in which only a thin layer is coated like a digital print over the face of heated tile.

In our coming blog, we will explain types and trends of tile in market these days and a video tutorial for technicalities involved during installation of tile shall also be posted on our youtube channel.

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  • Zeshan Abidi on February 6, 2019

    I have heard a term “Granite Tiles” in the market….is it the same Porcelain thing? or something else. Heard that Granite Tiles are best for flooring as they are available in huge variety and comparatively more durable to the ceramic tiles.

    • Mohsin Munir on February 6, 2019

      Granite tiles are also porcelain tiles but of much more superior quality and expensive. Its design layer is thicker as compared to normal porcelain tiles. Granite tiles are used in entrance lobbies or more prominent spaces such as lounges etc because of the cost.

  • Tariq Sabir on June 9, 2018

    I am looking for carpenter works to make doors and cabinet in newly build house. There is some panning work on few walls. Can some one tell me rate for solid door, Compact door, Cupboards and Kitchen cabinet???

    • Mohsin Munir on June 9, 2018

      Labor for solid doors Rs 300/sqft
      Labor for engineered doors Rs 200 to 250 /sqft
      Cabinets and wardrobes Rs 250/sqft

      • Sajid Rafique on June 30, 2018

        I am looking for approximate per sq cost for UV kitchen cabinets with Chinese VU glazed material . is the wardrobe rate is same as kitchen cabinets having same UV
        sheets . further how much is difference in per sq ft rate if we use Pakistani UV sheets like al noor

        • Mohsin Munir on June 30, 2018

          Around 1150 to 1200 with UV both for Wardrobes and Kitchen cabinets. Alnoor high gloss around 1000 to 1050 Rs/sqft.

  • Hafiz Saqib Nemat on June 1, 2018

    I want to built a house in DHA Phase -7 Lahore. I want finishes work A to Z Construction Material Rate List to Complete a one Kanal house

    • Mohsin Munir on June 1, 2018

      Are you looking for a turnkey price quotation?

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