Wood for doors in Pakistan

Wood for doors in Pakistan


It is also known as timber. Wood is another crucial material required during finishing works of house for making door frames, doors, jamb frames, architraves etc. Being a natural construction material, it has certain characteristics such as moisture content, strength, elasticity, hardness etc. All the characteristics vary in different types of woods and also depend upon season and surroundings. Timber when extracted from trees consists of moisture content that should be dried before using it for commercial purposes. A normal and acceptable moisture content in timber ranges between 8-12%. If timber is not dried and moisture content is out of acceptable range then shrinking and swelling can happen in wood. Wood shrinks by decreased moisture content and swells with increasing moisture content. This process keeps on repeating until the moisture content is in parity and balance with surrounding air’s humidity and temperature. This process can be controlled if the wood is properly dried under the method called KD (Kiln dried). While purchasing, the word KD is often labeled on sacks of wood that indicates that it has been dried in kiln.

Woods available in market are known by names of trees from which extracted. Most commonly available woods that are used during construction of houses are:


It is very commonly available wood in Pakistan and is cheapest of all. It can be easily identified by its creamy white color when freshly extracted and turn to very light brown color with time when it is dried. It is characterised as a very light and soft wood with very low crushing and bending strength. It is not a recommended wood at all if quality and ambience in woodwork is to be obtained. This type of wood is vulnerable to termite and other insects even if properly treated.

wooden doors wood for doors

Current price of Partal wood in Lahore: Rs 2700/cft(Imported)


Local pinewood is known as Kail. Pakistani kail is a good and economical wood that is used in house constructions. Though its availability is not as common as it used to be due to which it’s price has also increased. When purchasing Kail wood, make sure that it is Local Kail as many other imported types of kail are also available in market such as German Kail and Malaysian kail that are cheaper and of inferior quality as compared to local kail.

Current price of Pakistani kail wood in Lahore: Rs 2700-3800/cft

Current price of Imported kail wood in Lahore: Rs 3000 – Rs 3600/cft

Yellow pine

This wood is imported in form of sacks from America and is extracted from different pine trees. It has straight and round grains in patterns and can be identified by its yellowish color. This wood is neither too cheap and nor too expensive but is only recommended for door frames (chogath). Its grain has visible and non-smooth surface even after severe grinding which give awkward look after polishing. It also has more movement in form of shrinking and swelling even if its kiln dried.

Current price of Yellow pine wood in Lahore: Rs 3800 to Rs 5800/cft

Ash Wood

Most widely used wood in quality constructions is Ash wood. It is neither cheap nor too expensive but has certain good characteristics such as moderate bending and crushing strengths, less movement in form of shrinkage and swelling. It has straight grains and white brownish in color.

Current price of Ash wood in Lahore: Rs 9000 to Rs 9600/cft


Mohagni is very fine and highly recommended type of wood used in quality constructions. It is cheaper than diyar but expensive as compare to Meranti. It has reddish brown color and a very flat and fine surface. Just like diyar it has characteristics of resisting termite attacks and very less movement after it is dried. Due to its hardness it is highly recommended for doors. However only drawback is that it can be finished in dark coloured polish due to its natural dark tone. It is available in two qualities, mohaagni and sapele.

Current price of Mohagni wood in Lahore: Rs 6500/cft

Current price of Mohagni(sapele) wood in Lahore: Rs 8000/cft


Commonly known as “Diyar wood”, extracted from the national tree of Pakistan. It is very durable but expensive wood used in construction of houses. It has straight, fine and even textured grains. It has a characteristic of very low or no movement; i-e shrinking and swelling rarely takes place in this type of wood. It is also not vulnerable to termite and other insects attacks.

Current price of Deodar/Diyar wood in Lahore: Rs 4500-9000/cft

Red Oak

Just like ash wood, oak is another hardwood that is available in both reddish and yellowish brown colors. It has very thin grains straight and open. Oak wood is mostly used for furniture and cabinetries and should be avoided for doors, as it becomes almost grain less after polishing.

Current price of oak wood in Lahore: Rs 8500/cft

Dark brown meranti

Just like mohagni, meranti is another hardwood that is available in both reddish and dark brown colors. It has very thin grains straight and open. This wood is difficult to differentiate from mohagni because of similar color and grains hence care is required while purchasing mohagni as dark brown meranti is being sold in market by different vendors as mohagni. Dark brown meranti is cheaper than mohaagni.

wooden doors wood for doors chogathsCurrent price of dark brown meranti wood in Lahore: Rs 5600/cft

Green Maple

Another imported wood that is unique in color, smooth grain, and strength make maple a popular choice among woodworkers of all types. Maple wood has a fine, uniform texture with generally straight grain, but variations such as birdseye, tiger, flame, curly, wavy, rippled or fiddleback grain. This wood is recommended for doors too however it is mostly used in high end furniture.

Current price of green maple wood in Lahore: Rs 6100/cft

Note: All rates are for good quality and seasoned wood. Rates have been updated in JULY 2022

Quality check at site

Quality of wood can be thoroughly checked only by an expert. However as a layman while purchasing wood following quality checks should be performed

  • Wood should have a label of KD “Kiln dried” on it especially if it is imported(not applicable in all woods such as yellow pine for chogaths). Some local woods are air dried in which case the label of KD is not required. If possible check the moisture content with moisture meter and it should be in acceptable range of 8-12%
  • Face of the timber board edges should not have too much crazy cracks, as it indicates that wood has been dried too quickly. In such cases outside of the wooden boards dries whereas it leaves the timber core wet with moisture content.
  • Investigate knots present in timber. Small knots that do not travel throughout the depth of timber are acceptable. However preference should be zero or minimum possible knots.
  • Purchase timber that has been cut in size such that it leaves minimum or zero waste. E.g. if your doors are of standard size 7 ft. x 3.5 ft., purchase timber boards that have lengths of either 14 ft. or 10 ft.

Quantity check at site

Quantity of timber is measured in cubic feet. However it is calculated in inches and then converted into feet if timber is sawed into lengths that are 2 inches wide since most of woodwork such as making of doors is carried out in maximum height of length in 2 inches whereas for chogaths most commonly used is 1.5 inches.

Let us suppose we have timber sawed in lengths as shown in above image and has following measurements:

Length = 14’ (168 inches)

                        Width = 1’     (12 inches)

                        Height = 2” (2 inches)

 Total Quantity in cubic inches = Length (in.) x Width (in.) x Height (in.)

= 168 (in.) x 12 (in.) x 2 (in.)

                                                                 = 4032 in3

Now let us convert in3 to ft3

                                                       1 ft3= 1728 in3 (12 in. x 12 in. 12 in.)


   Total Quantity in cubic feet = 4032 / 1728

                                                            = 2.33 ft3.

 Add cubic feet of all timber lengths to get total quantity.

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    respected Mr. Mohsin Munir, kindly guide me can shekran wood or Hemlock wood be used for the doors? is this wood rot resistant and weather proof? what are the pros and cons of using it? what are the latest rates? kindly advise if we should go for it or not especially if we are tight on budget but want a good solid looking finish of the doors.

    • Mohsin Munir on October 12, 2020

      It is very softwood and is not recommended for doors.

  • Abubakar Aslam Butt on October 8, 2020

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    anyone have timber gurjan (red pine ) sleeper , well seasoned & imported.

  • Mubashar Waheed on August 26, 2020

    Sir can we use imported kail wood (Russian kail) for doors. Please reply urgently if this wood have any major drawbacks.

    • Mohsin Munir on August 26, 2020

      Yes you can use provided it is seasoned

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    Sagwan ( teek ) ki prices mention nahee ki gaiee ,
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    • Mohsin Munir on August 20, 2020

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    There is a mistake… multiplying 3 dimensions u get in3 why u mentioned in2 … similarly u can not directly go from cubes to squares…

    • Mohsin Munir on May 21, 2020

      Thanks for pointing out fahad it is just a typing mistake. It is in cubic inches

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    Asa we need yellow pine. 75×3 inches 7 feet length 2000 Rft or yellow pine logs rates please it’s urgent regards

    • Mohsin Munir on February 20, 2020

      We are not timber sellers. Articles are for peoples guidance

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    • Mohsin Munir on September 26, 2019

      Dear Mudassar shb,
      We are not timber sellers. We write articles for people’s guidance.


  • manzoor ali on September 18, 2019

    We import SYP from USA s4s size 1.5×9 1/4×16
    2 containers . Can yu recommend some good buyers
    PL also can yu recommend some reliable supplier from Ukraine. Belarus or Russia for pine lumber

  • zeeshan on September 13, 2019

    pleople are selling diyar wood at 3200 rs sq-ft. but as you told it should be in cft. so is that a catch? when we will buy they will charge per cft? or sq-ft?

    • Mohsin Munir on September 13, 2019

      Never heard anyone selling in sqft. It is just not possible.

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        can you tell me which timber material used in ali enterprises factory

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    I am planning to import some raw logs for my house in Pakistan,
    Could you advise if its will be cost effective and what sort of wood be better and at what cost from north america

    • Mohsin Munir on December 12, 2018

      Kindly mention the name of wood which you are planning to import and how much will it cost you per cubic ft after clearing all duties and taxes.

  • oksana on September 28, 2018

    Dear Sir / Madam,
    Good morning.
    Company Forest Trade Ukraine deals at the wood market since 2016 and for nowadays holds leading position at the market of supply of wood products. Our company specialized in supply of sawn pine wood and other raw material of Ukrainian origin and we have good possibilities of arranging direct deliveries of excellent quality wood into different regions of the world.
    The manufacturing base permits us to control quality of wood as well as prepare different dimensions of the product upon request of the customers.
    The deliveries can be done either on FCA, FOB or CFR shipment basis. As for payment conditions different payment terms can be applied.
    Might you have any request please don’t hesitate to contact us accordingly.

    With best wishes,
    Oksana Kapustyanska

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