Brick tiles for water proofing rooftop

Brick tiles for water proofing rooftop

Brick tiles/Marble

After discussing minor items and other items required during Grey structure construction of house in previous blog, in this article we will discuss brick tiles, marble and Khaprail. Brick tiles are very fine and thin form of regular clay bricks. Though these form of bricks are used for multiple purposes e.g. designing in masonry works, making beadings etc. however in Punjab region it is widely used for waterproofing rooftops. Unlike regular clay bricks, these brick tiles do not absorb water or they have relatively a very low water absorbing capacity. Brick tiles that are to be used for the purpose of waterproofing should be of best available quality “Awwal” grade and should have even size and shape.

brick tiles for water proofing

Another method that is more effective and recommended for this purpose is preparing rooftop with marble flooring. However this method is slightly costly as compare to brick tiles method. Any marble can be used for this purpose but preference should be a light color such as whitish, since it has a property of reflecting sunlight. Marble preferred in upper and central Punjab region is called “badal grey” which is easily available at very economical price. Another marble that can be utilised for this purpose is known as “tweera”. Some local companies in Pakistan are also manufacturing special roof tiles which also have features of heat resistance. However all such tiles are very much costly as compared to traditional method of water proofing i-e brick tiles or Marble.

marble badal grey

If you are constructing a house that has tapered roofs in architecture or victorian style, then tiles used for covering the roofs are known as “Khaprail”. It is made in different designs. Earlier khaprail was made only with clay but now it is widely made in other materials as well such as PVC and plastic. However aesthetic look can only be obtained in original clay made khaprail tiles.

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