BASEMENT Construction Cost grey structure

BASEMENT Construction Cost grey structure


Basement Construction cost, Costing & budgeting for grey structure BASEMENT construction of dream house

After discussing construction cost of normal grey structure and finishing in Episode 3 and Episode 4, Team Overc’s in its latest episode will guide its viewers about basement construction cost and costing/budgeting for BASEMENT grey structure of house. Our team has calculated estimated per square foot figures for different materials required during BASEMENT grey structure construction of a house.

Basement construction cost GREY STRUCTURE

Construction contract type: Labor rate contract

Construction grade: A grade compliance to all technical & engineering specifications

Sample project: Covered area 1000 sq.ft


Item wise per square foot cost calculations

Bricks 42 Rs/sq.ft


42 Rs x 1000 sq.ft=42000 Rs

Brick price           =8.5 Rs per piece

Quantity              =42000/8.5 = 4941 bricks


Crush 174 Rs/sq.ft


174 Rs x 1000 sq.ft=174000 Rs

Crush price       =70 Rs per c.ft

Quantity            =174000/70 = 2485 c.ft

Cement 297 Rs/sq.ft


297 Rs x 1000 sq.ft=297000 Rs

Cement price       =550 Rs/50kg bag

Quantity              =297000/550 = 540 bags

Steel 440 Rs/sq.ft


440 Rs x 1000 sq.ft=440000 Rs

Steel price           =80 Rs/kg or 80000R s/ton

Quantity              =440000/80 = 5500 kg or 5.5 tons

Sand 75 Rs/sq.ft


75 Rs x 1000 sq.ft=75000 Rs

Sand price         =25 Rs/c.ft

Quantity             =75000/25 = 3000 c.ft

Gravel 20 Rs/sq.ft


20 Rs x 1000 sq.ft=20000 Rs

Gravel price      =35 Rs/c.ft

Quantity             =20000/35 = 571 c.ft

Labor contractor 425 Rs/sq.ft


425 Rs x 1000 sq.ft = 425000 Rs

Steel fixer 30 Rs/sq.ft


30 Rs x 1000 sq.ft = 30000 Rs

Plumbing contractor 15 Rs/sq.ft


15 Rs x 1000 sq.ft = 15000 Rs

Electric contractor 15 Rs/sq.ft


15 Rs x 1000 sq.ft = 15000 Rs

Other items

Electricity items 20 Rs/sq.ft


20 Rs x 1000 sq.ft= 20000 Rs

Plumbing items 45 Rs/sq.ft


45 Rs x 1000 sq.ft= 45000 Rs

Water stopper 12 Rs/sq.ft


12 Rs x 1000 sq.ft= 12000 Rs

Water proofing 30 Rs/sq.ft


30 Rs x 1000 sq.ft= 30000 Rs

Anti termite spray 10 Rs/sq.ft


10 Rs x 1000 sq.ft= 10000 Rs

Guard Salary 20 Rs/sq.ft


20 Rs x 1000 sq.ft= 20000 Rs

Excavation 35 Rs/sq.ft


35 Rs x 1000 sq.ft= 35000 Rs

Bitumen 14 Rs/sq.ft


14 Rs x 1000 sq.ft= 14000 Rs

Polythene sheet 6 Rs/sq.ft


6 Rs x 1000 sq.ft= 6000 Rs

Taxes 8 Rs/sq.ft


8 Rs x 1000 sq.ft= 8000 Rs

Electricity bills 10 Rs/sq.ft


10 Rs x 1000 sq.ft= 10000 Rs

Random expenditures 42 Rs/sq.ft


42 Rs x 1000 sq.ft= 42000 Rs

Let us see what will be the total cost of Basement Grey structure:


S# Item Cost per sq.ft Total approximate price(Pak Rs)
1 Bricks 42 42000
2 Crush 174 174000
3 Cement 297 297000
4 Steel 440 440000
5 Sand 75 75000
6 Labor Cont 425 425000
7 Steel fixer 30 30000
8 Plumbing 15 15000
9 Electric 15 15000
10 Electric items 20 20000
11 Plumbing items 45 45000
12 Guard salary 20 20000
13 Gravel 20 20000
14 Water stopper 12 12000
15 Bitumen 14 14000
16 Polythene sheet 6 6000
17 Water proofing 30 30000
18 Taxes 8 8000
19 Electric bills 10 10000
20 Anti termite 10 10000
21 Excavation 35 35000
22 Random 42 42000
  TOTAL COST 1785 1,785,000

In case your basement is huge, overall per square feet cost figure can be less and vice versa


-Possible ±5% Variation is possible in basement construction cost shown in video

-Soil testing and piling if required in certain parts of countries shall be extra cost and not mentioned in these calculations

-Skills required to achieve this cost:

Past experience

Quality & honest labor

Labor management skills

Quality, timely & cost effective material procurement

-Factors such as construction inexperience, unusual covered areas, frequent wear & tears, fraudulent labor etc can effect this cost figure

-Hire professional company which will add a figure of 150 Rs/sq.ft maximum as margin.

-Basement construction methods for which this costing is based upon have been explained in detailed video field guides of team overcs having following links:

Episode 2: Marking & Excavation

Episode 3: R.C.C Basement bed

Episode 4: R.C.C retaining walls

Episode 5: Water proofing & slab

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Mohsin Munir
Holding a degree in BS EE (Electrical engineering) and astounding knowledge of house construction business since 2010, wide experience and relevant expertise in the construction business. Believe in research based strategy while holding a distinguished position in the construction market. Started at a small scale in 2010 and recognised among the top builders and contractors in Pakistan now, especially among the expatriates and overseas Pakistanis who always trusted in our commitment and services.


  • Sohail on October 18, 2022

    Sir I hope you will be fine. Please guide me that what is approx cost of basement construction now a days in Oct 22 please.

    • Mohsin Munir on October 18, 2022

      Around 3700 rs/sqft if size of basment is arount 900-1000 sqft

  • Fahad on August 24, 2021

    very nice information , i always follow your each post .its give very good knowledge

  • Humayun SYED on August 8, 2021

    Very open and honest post, I’m glad that there is at least 1 honest Pakistani.
    I’d like to connect with you and meet you up, so if you share your contact details on my email

    • Mohsin Munir on August 8, 2021

      You can get in touch at 0092 300 8494139

  • House for Sale in Lahore on July 16, 2021

    very nice information , i always follow your each post .its give very good knowledge

  • humayoun mussawar on August 11, 2020

    Amazing article

  • Rakesh Ranja on February 22, 2020

    Thanks sir aapne isme ka rcc wall k liye bhi steel calculate Kiya hai kya . Sir mujhe 3000 sqft ka basement banana hai , usme kitni steel lag jayegi including all means rcc wall and others. And rmc concrete kitni lag jayegi plz sir help me .

    • Mohsin Munir on February 22, 2020

      Yes rcc wall steel has been calculated. For 3000 sqft basement you can use this method to calculate your materials

  • Shahid Qurban on December 18, 2019

    Sir hum 110×24 basment banana chahty hain simple c just structure banana hai floor py abhi kuch ni dalna just walls and pillers dy gy. Aur first floor 110×43 py bhi just piller aur lentar banna hai tou basement aur first floor ka kitna kharcha aa jy ga material hum dy gy aur labour walay ko tehka dy gy plz estimate bta dy thanks sir

    • Mohsin Munir on December 19, 2019

      Aap ki basement ki cost takreeban 1700-1800 rs/sqft ho gi aur uper wale floor ki cost 1200-1400 rs/sqft hogi.

  • aamir on March 12, 2019

    Assalam o Alaikum

    Sir, Main 1800 Square feet basement + ground + 1st floor bnana chah raha hun Jinnah Garden Islamabad me. Please mjhe guide ker dein k basement k sath kia estimate ho ga per square feet aur agar basement na bnaai jae to kia estimate ho ga. main basement bnana chah raha hun.

    • Mohsin Munir on March 12, 2019

      Aamir, we have already written detaield article on basement costs on which you are commenting. Kindly go through it and you will have the answer to your question

  • Shakoor on January 5, 2019

    Aoa, sir 1 kanal ki basement with normal specs(routine desgin) islamabad men kya cost aye ge????

    • Mohsin Munir on January 5, 2019

      Agr aap khud banwaye ge labor hire kar ke aur material purchase kar ke to takreeban 1800 se 1900 Rs/sqft cost aa jaye gi.

  • usman on November 20, 2018

    can u plz tell how much rebar estimated quantity willbe used in 2 kanal full basement house with two beds and halls and can u plz tell if i will hire u for structural drawings purpose for dha phase 6 2 kanal house

    • Mohsin Munir on November 21, 2018

      Usman, the estimate can only be told after going through your structural drawings, for an idea you can use the per sqft figure for steel mentioned in this article, however in your case per sqft figure of steel will be less due to more covered area.

  • Anas shah on May 24, 2018

    Assalam alaikum !

    Sir, How much does it cost to 2625 sq.ft basement gray structure (no room,wash,etc) only whole hall area for godown. Thanks

  • Wajid on January 17, 2018

    Dear Mohsin

    is it 5 marla double story gray structure cost ?

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