An Insight to Interior Decoration: Flooring

An Insight to Interior Decoration: Flooring

Interior Flooring

Interior flooring A lot of people may not take flooring to be as a very important decorative component in interior of the house. It is in fact the largest element of decoration that extends throughout the house that not only enhances the space but also provides comfort. Furniture and other functional items may play a vital role in interior decoration. But how can we make the floor enhance the beauty of our house. As it is the space we often neglect. Take a look at some of the interior flooring decoration ideas that may highlight the style of the floor and make it look very comfortable.

Before adding or selecting the floor it should be made sure that the floor is in its best condition. For any and all types of flooring installation you can contact any good contractors for quotations. The flooring of the house should stand out along with other furniture and functional items. For a good floor to stand out it is necessary for it to match the surroundings and should not cracked or damaged. Most wooden flooring is easier to install and repair than replacing or installing floor tiles or installing marble on the floor. Wooden floor’s quality and thickness may vary from 8mm ranging in approximate price of 125rs/sq.ft to 140rs/sq.ft and 12mm wooden floor may range in price from 140rs/sq.ft to 185rs/sq.ft

Floor Decorating Ideas:

For the floor to stand out it must fit the interior of the room or the space it is going to be installed in so it works with all the elements for a picture perfect look of the entire space or a room.  Following are a few ways to beautify and dress up your flooring to add extra punch to the interior.


-Floor lamps


-Floor sittings



Rugs are just the thing u need to make your flooring stand out. These are not only popular in basements, rooms and living room, they are also getting quite popular in entryways. Like other items in the house furniture rugs come in different shapes and sizes. So here are a few tips for choosing the right area rug.

-Flooring can be used as a frame for the size and shape of the rug and can be selected accordingly.

-You can use a painter’s tape to trace out the size and style u want for your rug on the flooring so you can have a better idea of the space before actually buying the rug.

-Using the same pattern as the rest of the decor may hide the rug or it may not highlight it.

Floor Lamps:

Floor lamp can not only look good from an interior perspective but it can also illuminate your favorite feature of the floor that you might want to show off. It can be placed anywhere on the floor depending on the current interior design, corner of the rooms are currently the most commonly used position as it reflects the light off the walls. Currently the hot choice for floor lamps is tower lamps adding a unique decorative element to the room n floor. Be sure to place the cords away from the walkways as it can cause someone to trip over and fall.


Just as floor lamp, plants also have multiple benefits such as they not only add to the beauty of the floor space but also have incredible benefits on health such as cleaning of air by removing carbon dioxide and dust particles. Some of the popular plants used indoors in Pakistan are as follows:

-Snake plant

-Money plant

-Aloe Vera

-Chinese evergreen

-Split Leaf Philodendron


The couch may take the center stage but there are some adaptable options for creating a much cozier floor and comfortable seating. Floor poufs are pretty popular in floor seating as they are available in different styles, patterns and colors to fit your interior styles and enhance the flooring. These poufs are similar to bean bags but they have a more of a structure therefore acting more as a comfortable stool. Another option that can be used to enhance the flooring is a large floor pillows that can be found around the tables in the living room.


The floor should always look exquisite and speak for itself, there are plenty of decorative works that can be done to enhance and beautify the flooring. Before your add anything be sure that the floor is in good condition and is not cracked or rough. And make sure that whatever you choose do not overlap or clash with other rooms.

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