Crush for house construction

Crush for house construction


Also referred as aggregate in engineering and house construction terms, it is made up by crushing large stones into different small sizes. Its main usage is in concrete mixes for strengthening the reinforcements and bonding. Crush is used in both Plain Cement Concrete (P.C.C) and Reinforced Cement Concrete (R.C.C). There are many stone crushing sites in Pakistan out of which some of most famous are:

  1. Sargodha
  2. Margalla
  3. Dina
  4. Roohi
  5. Taxila

Aggregate available in market is known by the name of place from where it is crushed. Stone is crushed into various sizes out of which most frequently used in construction of houses are 7mm and 12mm in size.

crush construction materials in pakistan

Quantity check on site

Quantity check of crush is exactly same as that of sand. Crush is delivered on sites through dumpers. Its quantity is also calculated in unit of cubic feet, referred to as “sankra” in local language. Calculation and quantity of crush must be checked to stay safe from fraudulent dealers who tend to charge more on basis of fake quantities. A difference of few inches in dimensions can cost you 5000 to 10000 Rupees more than what you actually get. Calculation is simple, take the inner measurements of dumpers storage area, measure length, width and depth with a help of steel road. Depth should be measured carefully only up to the extent at which sand is present. If measurements comes out in whole figures then:


Total Quantity = Length (ft.) x Width (ft.) x Depth (ft.)


In other case if the figures are not whole, then covert the architectural measurements into decimal measurements by following method:



                        Length = 15’8” (15 feet & 8 inches)

                        Width = 7’4”     (7 feet & 4 inches)

                        Depth = 9’10” (9 feet & 10 inches)


Feet figures will remain the same, convert figures of inches:


                       8” = 8/12 = .67

                        4” = 4/12 = .33



                        Length = 15.67

                        Width = 7.33

                        Depth = 9.83


Total Quantity = 15.67 x 7.33 x 9.83 = 1130 ft3

Quality check on site

Since crush is the most important and prominent material used in concrete mixtures for strengthening and bonding, there should be no compromise on its quality. Quality checks for crush are only carried out in laboratories. However carrying out quality checks in laboratories during construction of house is a time consuming job and not feasible. Buy crush from reputable and trustworthy agents. If you are constructing your house in Islamabad, KPK and Punjab regions, best available crush is Margalla. For regions like central Punjab, Sargodha crush is comparatively good option but it is available in three grades; Sargodha Plant, Sargodha special and Sargodha Local. Avoid the local one as it is of inferior quality and can easily be identified on site from its color and presence of small dusty particles in it.

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