Cost for house construction finishing works

Cost for house construction finishing works


House Construction cost for finishing works

After discussing house construction cost for grey structure of house in previous episode, in this video we will discuss about house construction cost for finishing works of house. Costing and budgeting for house construction before starting the project is very important task to carry operations smoothly. One should have the basic idea about construction cost which can be helpful in making a roadmap for construction specially if one has budget constraints. Our team has calculated estimated per square foot costs for different materials required during finishing works of a house.

Labor contract

A contract in which owner procures material and supervises labor on self help basis. A labor contractor is responsible for arranging required labor to carry out construction procedures. House Construction cost is this case is all in hands of owner himself. Final house construction cost will depend upon how well the owner has managed construction process both in regards of material procurement and labor procurement. In this video we will discuss construction cost for this method.

Construction contract type: Labor rate contract

Construction grade: A grade compliance to all technical & engineering specifications (Visit this page to see actual finished house for which this costing is based upon)

Sample project

10 Marla (250 sq.yd) 5 Bedrooms house

Covered area 3400 sq.ft

Item wise per square foot cost calculations


Electric items 110 Rs/sq.ft


110 Rs x 3400 sq.ft = 374000 Rs

Details of Materials:

-Wiring any good brand in which 3/.029 price range is up to Rs 1350/coil

-Ceiling down lights SMD or COB price range up to Rs 250/light

-Switchboards in any China brand in which 6/8 gang price range is up to Rs 700

-Exhaust fans Kitchens & Baths in any good brand price range up to Rs 2000/fan

-Wall fancy lights 2 in each room price range up to Rs 1000 each

-UPS wiring in same material used for general wiring

-Intercom standard voice only up to Rs 3500

-Outdoor lights 2 on each side price range up to Rs 1000 each

-Fanoos/Chandelier for DD & TV lounge price range up to Rs 15000 each

Wood items 170 Rs/sq.ft


170 Rs x 3400 sq.ft = 578000 Rs

-Door frame/chogath in any wood up to Rs 1600/c.ft

-Doors engineered/frame in any wood up to Rs 2600/c.ft

-Main Door solid/engineered in same wood

-Jamb frames ready made in ½’’ palai wood

-Architrave/borders ready made up to Rs 18/ft.

-Door handles imported up to Rs 1600/handle

-Other standard hardware including hinges, latches, magnet catcher etc

-Italian kitchen/wardrobes in UV sheets price range up to Rs 6000

-Back boxes in MDF/Lasani any good local brand price range up to Rs 1700/sheet

-Media walls & other required wood works of any kind in solid wood/MDF

Tiles 165 Rs/sq.ft


165 Rs x 3400 sq.ft = 561000 Rs

-Floor tiles 24’’x24’’ upto Rs 1200/sq.m

-Entrance lobby tiles up to Rs 2000/sq.m

-Washroom tiles up to 7ft height imported price range up to 1600 Rs/sq.m

-Outdoor floor tiles 16”x16” up to Rs 1000/sq.m

-Kitchen counter top tiles imported up to Rs 2500/sq.m

-Elevation tiles imported up to Rs 1400/sq.m


Paint 90 Rs/sq.ft


90 Rs x 3400 sq.ft = 306000 Rs

-Primer coating of any good company

-3 coats of filling(wall putty) of any good company

-Indoor Plastic emulsion paint of any good company

-Outdoor 3 coats of weather shield paint without base filling

-Distemper white on false ceilings without filling


Polish 20 Rs/sq.ft


20 Rs x 3400 sq.ft = 68000 Rs

-Shellac (lakh dana) local

-Polish lacquer of any good company

-Polish sealer of any good company

-Spirit, kerosene oil local

Sanitary items 125 Rs/sq.ft


125 Rs x 3400 sq.ft = 425000 Rs

-Ceramic Bowls up/down vanities in self made concrete slabs any good brand up to Rs 4000 with granite tops up to Rs 400/sq.ft

-Bathroom accessories (towel rod, soap dish, tissue holder etc) imported brand up to Rs 4000/set

-Steel fixtures (hand mixer, shower set etc) good brand up to Rs 15000/set

-Ceramic fixtures (commodes, water closets) good brand up to Rs 11000/piece

-Kitchen sinks imported up to Rs 10000

-Kitchen taps imported up to Rs 5000

-Other indoor and outdoor plumbing hardware (bottle traps, waste pipes, covers, taps etc.) locally available.

Granite 40 Rs/sq.ft


40 Rs x 3400 sq.ft = 136000 Rs

-Staircase slabs up to Rs 400/sq.ft

-Kitchen counter slabs up to Rs 400/sq.ft

-Other marble/granite required in washrooms, sill levels etc Rs 200/sq.ft

Items with Materials rates per square feet for house covered areas

False ceiling 42 Rs/sq.ft


42 Rs x 3400 sq.ft = 142800 Rs

-Item rate with material or surface area rate will be between 60 Rs/sq.ft to 65 Rs/sq.ft

-Any desired design

-Straight measurement wall to wall

Aluminum windows 42 Rs/sq.ft


42 Rs x 3400 sq.ft = 142800 Rs

-Windows surface area rate in any good brand 1.3 gauge with clear 5 mm glass in silver color up to Rs 330/sq.ft


Railings 11 Rs/sq.ft


11 Rs x 3400 sq.ft = 37400 Rs

-Simple SS railings for staircase for single floor and outdoor railings up to Rs 1100/ft.


Safety grills 16 Rs/sq.ft


16 Rs x 3400 sq.ft = 54400 Rs

-3 sootar steel rods any design up to Rs 125/sq.ft


Main Steel gate 15 Rs/sq.ft


15 Rs x 3400 sq.ft. = 51000 Rs

-Made in MS(mild steel) sheets 16 gauge surface area rate up to Rs 500/sq.ft


Steel stairs spiral 15 Rs/sq.ft


15 Rs x 3400 sq.ft. = 51000 Rs

-Spiral stairs 2’3’’ wide step, hand rail 2’’ 18 gauge, center pipe 4” dia gauge 18


Wooden floor 10 Rs/sq.ft


10 Rs x 3400 sq.ft. = 34000 Rs

-Wooden floor with material 8 mm laminated Malaysian for drawing room only price range up to Rs 125/sq.ft


Wallpapers 15 Rs/sq.ft


15 Rs x 3400 sq.ft. = 51000 Rs

-Imported China/Malaysian wallpaper 1 wall each in Maximum 5 rooms price range up to Rs 3000/roll


Fireplace 05 Rs/sq.ft


05 Rs x 3400 sq.ft. = 17000 Rs

-In 1 or two rooms maximum

-Made in steel body

Other items

Guard Salary 22 Rs/sq.ft


22 Rs x 3400 sq.ft= 74800 Rs

Taxes 05 Rs/sq.ft


5 Rs x 3400 sq.ft= 17000 Rs

Electricity bills 07 Rs/sq.ft


07 Rs x 3400 sq.ft= 23800 Rs

Random expenditures 10 Rs/sq.ft


10 Rs x 3400 sq.ft= 34000 Rs


Electric labor 12 Rs/sq.ft


12 Rs x 3400 sq.ft= 40800 Rs

Plumber 10 Rs/sq.ft


10 Rs x 3400 sq.ft= 34000 Rs

Tile mason 50 Rs/sq.ft


50 Rs x 3400 sq.ft= 17000 Rs

Carpenter 60 Rs/sq.ft


60 Rs x 3400 sq.ft= 204000 Rs

Painter 60 Rs/sq.ft


60 Rs x 3400 sq.ft= 204000 Rs

Polish 10 Rs/sq.ft


10 Rs x 3400 sq.ft= 34000 Rs

Let us see what will be the total house construction cost of finishing works:

S# Item Cost per sq.ft Total approximate price(Pak Rs)
1 Electric items 110 374000
2 Wood items 170 578000
3 Tiles 165 561000
4 Paint 90 306000
5 Polish 20 68000
6 Sanitary items 125 425000
7 Granite 40 136000
8 False ceiling 42 142800
9 Aluminum windows 42 142800
10 Railings 11 37400
11 Safety grills 16 54400
12 Main steel gate 15 51000
13 Spiral stairs 15 51000
14 Wooden floor 10 34000
15 Wallpaper 15 51000
16 Fireplace 5 17000
17 Guard salary 22 74800
18 Taxes 7 23800
19 Electricity bills 5 17000
20 Random 10 34000
21 Electric labor 12 40800
22 Plumber 10 34000
23 Tile mason 50 170000
24 Carpenter 60 204000
25 Painter 60 204000
26 Polish labor 10 34000
  TOTAL COST 1136 3,865,800

In case your house is not 10 marla:

House size (marla) Usual Covered Areas(sq.ft) Total cost (Pak Rs)
5 1800 2,044,800
8 2900 3,294,400
20 5300 6,020,000


-Possible ±5% Variation is possible in cost

-Skills required to achieve this cost:

-Past experience

-Quality & honest labor

-Labor management skills

-Quality, timely & cost effective material procurement

-Factors such as construction inexperience, unusual covered areas, frequent wear & tears, fraudulent labor etc can effect this cost figure

-Hire professional company that will add a figure of 150 Rs/sq.ft maximum as margin.

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About The Author

Mohsin Munir
Holding a degree in BS EE (Electrical engineering) and astounding knowledge of house construction business since 2010, wide experience and relevant expertise in the construction business. Believe in research based strategy while holding a distinguished position in the construction market. Started at a small scale in 2010 and recognised among the top builders and contractors in Pakistan now, especially among the expatriates and overseas Pakistanis who always trusted in our commitment and services.


  • Zeeshan Ahmad on January 5, 2019

    How much wiring costs in 10 marla house.

    • Mohsin Munir on January 5, 2019

      In which cable brand?

      • Zeeshan Ahmad on January 7, 2019

        Gm or Fast cables

        • Mohsin Munir on January 7, 2019

          With current cable prices keep in mind a figure of minimum 85000 for electric cabling of a 10 marla house using GM or Fast cables. This doesn’t include main 4 core required from meter to internal DB. Add another 35000 to 45000 for that too depending upon the distance.

  • Usman butt on October 7, 2018

    If i want single story on 8 marla. 30 x 60 plot. What will be per sq feet rates of finishing. Pls share here or at

    • Mohsin Munir on October 7, 2018

      rates for single story house are more as compared to complete house. Grey with normal A grade finish will cost you a minimum of 2800 to 2900 rs /sqft in Lahore

  • Arshad on August 24, 2018

    To me the the actual cost of Tile/ marble is far more than the estimated cost given in this article. I have constructed a 5 marla house of covered area approximately 2225 sq feet. the total cost of tiles/marble in my house is rs 6 lac which include the following.
    1. Tile for flooring rs 1400/sq feet
    2. marble for porch and back yard @ rs 54/sq feet.
    3. granite for stairs and kitchen counter @ rs 350/sqf.
    4. Bathrooms tiles @ rs 1300/sqf.
    5. kitchen tiles @ rs 1500/sqf.
    6. elevation tile @ rs 1200/sqf.
    7. chips @ rs 55/bag for top of house.
    Thus per square foot cost of tiles comes to rs 270/sqf which is much higher than per square given in this article. a 10 marla house of 3400 sqf will cost 3400*270=918,000/- for tiles/marble work as per estimates based on my project.

    • Mohsin Munir on August 24, 2018

      Thanks for your input Arshad. There are plenty of factors that can increase/decrease per square foot cost. However most important is the time when you finished your house and when we posted this article. Our article was posted in 2017 and todate there already has been a significant increase in prices. We will be updating 2018 cost article very soon.

    • amir on August 13, 2019

      Tile @ Rs 1400/sqft quoted by Arshad vs Tile @ Rs 165/sqft quoted by teamovercs are not even close. So somebody is quoting wrong prices even after adjusting inflation. It’s a huge difference between Rs 1400 and Rs 165

      • Mohsin Munir on August 13, 2019

        You are not understanding it correctly. Rs1400/sqft is the rate of tile. Rs 165/sqft is the overall cost of tile/marble work of a house.

  • abcd on August 7, 2018

    Hi there. This article covers construction cost of a house including or exclusing basement?

    • Mohsin Munir on August 7, 2018

      Excluding basement. However per square feet finishing cost of basement will remain same.

  • Faiz on July 23, 2018

    Hello – i need to know the labor and material cost for Porcelein tile installation for lounge and Bathrooms to a newly constructed house. Covered area is around 6000 sq. ft and. Can you provide an estimate in this regard

    • Mohsin Munir on July 24, 2018

      Tiles labor and material cost can not be estimated from covered area, need to know the actual surface area where tile is to be fixed.

  • Abdul Mannan on July 13, 2018

    You mentioned the rates for 1.3mm Aluminium with 5mm glass ……. Kindly confirm the rates with 1.6mm Pak Alco ….
    I have a huge project if you can work on it.
    Rates plz.

  • Jahanzaib Asif on May 5, 2018

    20 marla k ghar total coverer area kia hoga upper plus lower ??

  • Zain on March 14, 2018

    Please tell me finishing works cost of upper floor only of house with total area of 4500 sq. feet. Thanks

    • Mohsin Munir on March 15, 2018

      Dear Zain
      Finishing cost for upper floor only will remain almost same and there will be not much considerable difference.

  • Aziz on February 17, 2018

    i want to complete finishing work of my 5 Marla house. covered area ground floor 952 sq ft, first floor 1095 sq ft.
    gray structure, water and gas piping,false ceiling,electric wire pulling, main gate safety grills of windows is completed. the balance tile /marble, wood work, paint work kitchens and bath rooms fixture, & aluminium/glass work.
    if you interested to do that job on affordable rates then inform me by email.( my house situated on Walton road near defense mor)

    Thanks & best regards.

  • aziz on February 16, 2018

    Bhai almost 5 marla ghar h. covered area 2200 sq ft h . 1 car parking 5 medium size beds with attached bath 2 kitchen . and roof. i want finishing work in my house. whats cost you will charge. ( false ceiling and wring is complete only lighting fixtures balance) gray structur with palster safety grills and main gate is complete. house situated on cantt area near defense mor Walton road lahore

    • Mohsin Munir on February 17, 2018

      Dear Aziz.
      Kindly call on 03000 341 303 for discussing proposal.

  • Aziz on February 9, 2018

    Tile work m cement sand waghaira included h ya nhy?

    • Mohsin Munir on February 10, 2018

      Dear Aziz
      Yes it includes Cement, sand and tile bond cost along with grout too.

  • Aziz on February 9, 2018

    Tile mason 50 Rs/sq.ft

    50 Rs x 3400 sq.ft= 17000 Rs
    Its wrong

    Correct is 170000

    • Mohsin Munir on February 10, 2018

      Dear Aziz,
      Thanks for correcting. It was a typing mistake.

  • Tariq on February 5, 2018

    I m planning to build house in canal garden lahore 10 marla
    Needs ur professional help
    What r terms n conditions?

    • Mohsin Munir on February 6, 2018

      What kind of help you require? Kindly call on 0300 8494139 for more information.

  • Aziz on February 4, 2018

    bhai ap k pass koi cntractor h ya ap log khud kaam krtay han to inform kr di jiay thanks

    • Mohsin Munir on February 6, 2018

      Yes we do have all types of contractors.

  • Ch A Aziz on February 2, 2018

    i want to completemy 4.5 marla 2 story house with mumty, finishing work. A grade premium as shown in video. covered area with mumty is 2400 sqft exclude roof area. can you guide me i searching honest person. my house at walton road cant area

    • Mohsin Munir on February 3, 2018

      Dear Aziz shb
      Our next video will be about selection of contractor either on labor terms or turnkey. Stay tuned and keep checking our youtube channel.

    • Farooq ch on September 20, 2018


  • Imran on January 27, 2018

    I would like a meeting with Mr Mohsin Munir. My contact number is 0300-8474784.

    • Mohsin Munir on January 29, 2018

      Dear Imran
      I can be reached personally at 00923008494139 or 00923334852240.

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