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Cost for house construction finishing works

THIS COST IS OLD & OUTDATED, LATEST ARTICLE AND VIDEO HAS ALREADY BEEN POSTED AND CAN BE FOUND ON THIS LINK House Construction cost for finishing works After discussing house construction cost for grey structure of house in previous episode, in this video we will discuss about house construction cost for finishing works of house. Costing and budgeting for […]

Crush for house construction


Crush Also referred as aggregate in engineering and house construction terms, it is made up by crushing large stones into different small sizes. Its main usage is in concrete mixes for strengthening the reinforcements and bonding. Crush is used in both Plain Cement Concrete (P.C.C) and Reinforced Cement Concrete (R.C.C). There are many stone crushing […]

How to calculate quantity of washroom tiles

واش روم کی ٹائلز

washroom tiles SIZE OF THE WALLS FOR THE WASHROOM TILES: Suppose the dimensions of the walls of the washroom are 8ft by 10ft with one window and a door.  The height level for tiles is generally 7ft.  So the first step would be to calculate all four walls of the washroom Wall A = 10ft, […]

An Insight to Interior Decoration: Flooring

Interior Flooring Interior flooring A lot of people may not take flooring to be as a very important decorative component in interior of the house. It is in fact the largest element of decoration that extends throughout the house that not only enhances the space but also provides comfort. Furniture and other functional items may […]

Steel reinforcement for house construction

Steel reinforcement In civil engineering, it is mostly referred as reinforcements or rebar and as discussed in earlier blogs about cement sand and bricks, it is another crucial material required during grey structure construction of house. Steel is used in form of meshes to strengthen and hold concrete together. Without reinforcements, concrete cannot sustain heavy […]

Sand for house construction

latest sand rates in pakistan

Sand Another prominent material used in mortar and concrete mixtures during house construction is sand. It is made up of finely divided rocks and mineral particles. Color of sand varies in different regions. It is available in Punjab and KPK region is greyish in tone where as it is available in Karachi, coastal areas of […]