Compromising on quality of material for saving the costs

Compromising on quality of material for saving the costs

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Faults and Defects:

Biggest distress and agony during or after the house construction is the occurrence or emergence of faults and defects such as minor cracks, seepage, leakages, floor sinking etc. Perfection is impossible and houses have to deteriorate with passage of time, but issues such as mentioned above sometimes appear rather soon after finishing due to many reasons out of which one of the main reason is the material quality that is used to construct the house. A durable house cannot be constructed with inferior material. Durability comes with quality and quality comes with good material, and good material comes at higher costs. This type of compromise can be intentional or unintentional, e.g. if any individual has a financial issue and has a very necessary requirement of own house, then he will have to compromise on different stages to complete his house. In such cases where compromise is required, one should have an idea about where and at which stage the quality can be compromised that will have least negative impact on house in future.

Non Technical Contractors vs A professional Company:

Unintentional compromise occurs when someone either falls into the hands of jilted and nonprofessional contractors or lacks basic technical knowledge about materials. Other than that good material can become substandard if not properly utilized according to engineering standards.  e.g without proper knowledge an unprofessional contractor can mark the house wrong resulting the whole building of the house being moved from its original dimensions. one of a very common practice of non skilled contractors is they fail to start foundation from the solid surface that can lead to less durable and poor quality house. A very precise and technical labor is required for a construction of a good quality house even the slightest mistakes  can disturb the set square of the walls (walls being in a straight line). They can also disturb the  ratio of cement and sand in plasters of the walls. To make sure these important steps are not being compromised it is necessary that the client have sufficient knowledge of building a quality house or they can hire a professional company that will take care of all  the hassle from ground breaking to final finishing.

We at Team Overc’s make sure that the house is being constructed on engineering standards and A plus quality material is being used with the professional labor at hand.

In our coming blog series we will discuss in detail the most crucial materials required during grey structure and finishing of house.


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  • Syed Muhammad Ai on October 14, 2018

    pl inform covered area of one kanal house with 4 bed rooms

    • Mohsin Munir on October 16, 2018

      Can be anywhere between 4500 to 5200 sqfts.

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