Construction guide 3 Planning roadmap for house contruction

Construction guide 3 Planning roadmap for house contruction

Starting the work without making a proper roadmap.

House construction

Unplanned and directionless startups for house construction often result in distress and agitation. Before starting the proceedings, plan a proper roadmap that will take you through your project without getting you in trouble, or at least minimize the risk factor. Complications shall come, mix-ups will take place, and however if you have already planned a roadmap, you will always have the way out from all problems.

Once you have answers of all the questions mentioned in our text under the heading of “Insufficiency of fine research before starting the proceedings”, you have already started planning your roadmap by initiating step one. Your next step will be to decide and make arrangements of financial resources such that you do not stuck in between due to financial constraints. It is wise if you work out your lower and upper limits of budget that you intend to spend on your project.

Your third step will be to decide if you want to construct your house yourself or give a turnkey contract to a construction company. Constructing your house as a layman is a very tough job. In other words you can call it a test from hell. You need to have certain technical knowledge before you get involved yourself. Lets suppose that you are constructing your house yourself, there will be two possible scenarios, either you will execute your project successfully without any hassle, financial loss and saving the money by investing your time that you had to pay to a construction company for their services, or you will fail in executing what the outlook of your project should have been, spending more money than what a company could have quoted you and finally waste of time & energy. If you do not possess proper knowledge of construction and availability of skilled labor, there will be more of a chance that you experience second scenario.

If you decide to hire turnkey services of a construction company, then you will not have to go through any stress throughout the project provided that the company you hired has a professional history. Turnkey is a project in which a builder is completely responsible for executing the project. All the works required such as labor procurement, material procurement, site supervision, cash handling etc. is to be carried out by the builder. Client only has to make the running payments on time and once completed, the builder will handover the keys of finished house to the client.

A turnkey project can be categorized as:


  • Turnkey Grey structure

Client and the builder agree to complete the project till Grey structure only, which includes complete structural works starting from excavation till slab pouring, internal and external plastering, internal and external flooring PCC only (Plain cement concrete), electric and plumbing conduit complete, water proofing the roofs. This type of contract is highly recommended as grey structure work is all related to technicalities. You have to go through working and structural drawings to complete the structure of your house that can be a complicated job if you are a layman.


  • Turnkey Complete finishing

Client and the builder agree to execute the project from start till complete finishing. This type of project can be a bit complicated if proper agreements are not drafted mentioning complete material specifications of specially finishing items. Finishing of a house consist of much more items as compared to a grey structure which includes limited items. Furthermore finishing items are to be selected by the owner according to his/her choices, so it can be a tricky job for a builder to execute this type of project.


If you select a turnkey grey structure type of contract for house construction, then once your grey structure is complete, finishing of house can be done as a second phase of the project by drafting another agreement with the builder that is called Supervision contract. It’s a contract in which the builder will assist throughout finishing works by procuring labor and materials with complete guidance & consent of the owner. The owner himself will make all the running payments time to time. Provision of skilled labor & supervising the works will be builder’s duty however financial contracts with labor will be decided by the owner and builder mutually. In supervision contracts builder usually charge a certain percentage of total cost incurred or a lump sum amount as their service charges.


However if you decide to complete the task of house construction on your own, you will have to prepare yourself for a tough period of time. In this case your first step will be to hire a decent architect for plans and drawings of your house which will be discussed in next blog. Stay tuned!

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