Construction guide 4 Architectural works for your dream house

Construction guide 4 Architectural works for your dream house

Architectural works

Architectural works

Architectural works is one of the most defining and important stage of your project, take as much time as you want and finalize all your requirements in architectural drawings such as during the execution you do not have to go through wears and tears. Demolitions always prove costly both financially and in terms of time. Discuss all your requirements with your architect and listen to his suggestions with open heart as they have the experience and know better than anyone else about designing and utilizing the space to best extent. While dealing with the architect, one should have basic knowledge about architectural services and what kind of drawings the architect should provide. However it depends upon what type of package you decide with your architect. Packages can be categorized as following:

  • Proposal only

Architect and the client agrees on terms in which the architect has to provide the proposal only for the house and later the client gets the detailed working drawings from an AutoCAD draftsman against that proposals.

  • Proposals and working drawings complete

Architect is responsible for complete and detailed working drawings of your house along with 3D front elevation. Following drawings should be included in your set:

  1. 3D front view
  2. Working plans of all floors
  3. Front working elevation
  4. Side and rear working elevation
  5. Sections
  6. Structural drawings
  7. All tanks details
  8. Boundary wall working plan
  9. Electrification drawing
  10. Public health drawing
  11. Submission drawings for approvals
  • Complete drawings with interior designing in 3d rendering

This package in architectural works includes 3D interior renderings and its working details along with all drawings mentioned above. 3D renderings is a complicated, time consuming and expensive process however it gives you a complete proposed realistic look of your house and is helpful for those who find difficult to understand 2D working drawings. You can ask the architect to design your specific rooms as per your imaginations so that you can have a look at it in 3D and change the designing as per your liking and disliking before the execution of work.


While finalizing your contract with architect, make sure to discuss following points:

  1. Package type
  2. Time period
  3. Submission drawings and its approvals from concerned authorities
  4. Maximum number of proposals that he will provide
  5. Site visits if any and how many at which stage
  6. Payment schedule

Modes of service charges are not same for all architects, some charge on per square foot basis whiles others on lump sum basis. Charges depend upon the quality and portfolio of the architect. A professional and certified architect registered with PCATP (Pakistan council of architects and town planners) and IAP (Institute of architects Pakistan) with a proper design studio will certainly have far more charges than a draftsman.


Once your architectural drawings are ready and approved from concerned approval authorities along with the utilities such as electricity and water, your next step will be to hire a Labor contractor, which will be discussed later in coming blog. Stay tuned!

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