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Step by step video construction guide, building and constructing your dream house, construction of your dream house, grey structure, finishing of the house, this video construction guide of your dream house will explain building a house in different sizes such as 5 marla, 10 marla, 1 kanal. In these construction guide we will give you step by step guidance on construction starting from Marking of your plot, digging/excavation of the plot, foundation of the dream house construction, DPC, water proofing, complete guidance for basement construction, slab pouring, brick work, the quality of plaster, compaction, termite proofing, we will also take you to on field for video construction guides for complete tutorials on every step of the construction of your dream house. Furthermore Team Overc’s will elaborate types of items used in grey structure such as cement, steel work, sand, crush and bricks. we will talk about their procurement and their qualities. We will also explain the types of labors involved in the construction such as, Contractor labor, Electric labor, plumbing labor and steel labor. Team Overc’s will further discuss about the finishing of your dream house in step by step detail.on

Construction guide Episode 1 – Introduction

Construction guide Field series Episode 1 – Demarcation of land before starting construction of house

Construction guide Episode 2 – Location & Size of plot for Dream House construction

Construction guide Field series Episode 2 – Marking, Excavation, Compaction, Basement Bed P.C.C and Termite proofing


Construction guide Episode 3 – Construction cost for grey structure of house