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    Mohsin Munir

    Steel prices witness sharp decrease from 117 Rs/ton to 108 Rs/ton

    By Team Overc’s – Dec 21, 2019

    As per the steel dealers in the market, manufacturer companies have lowered the prices of all sizes steel to around 108-110 Rs/ton for Grade 60 in & around Lahore. For Islamabad prices of grade 60 steel are also in the range of 105-107 Rs/ton. Prices have come down from almost 117 Rs/ton. Reason for prices coming down is the recent strengthening of Rupee against dollar and decrease in scrap prices in international market. Similar trend is being witnessed for grade 40 steel prices of which are around 103-104 Rs/ton in Lahore region and 99-101 Rs/ton in Islamabad region.

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)
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