Marble & Granite for house construction

Marble & Granite for house construction

Marble and Granite

Finalising floors for an aesthetic look is the most important part of finishing. Marble is very commonly and widely used material for this purpose however recently it is being replaced by ceramic and porcelain tiles, but still many people prefer marble floorings because of its durability and economical availability. Marble comes in different varieties with different names and is extracted from mountains and large stone sites also called quarries. Granite also belongs to the same family however it is extracted from different stones and is more durable as compared to marble. It is much more expensive as compared to marble due to which it is mostly used for stair or kitchen slabs and rarely used for flooring purposes. Prices of both marbles and granites vary from very cheap to very expensive. In case of marbles and granite, their prices do not define the quality and durability. Some marbles and granites that are cheaper have more durability as compare to expensive ones. Some marbles or granites are expensive due to the reason that the quarries from which they are extracted are very rare, or they have a very rare pattern or color, or they are not locally available and imported from other countries.

Some of the marbles commonly used for flooring in Pakistan are:

Badal Grey

A very common and economical variety of marble that is used in low-cost projects. However it is very durable and locally extracted in Pakistan. It is available in different shades with combinations of grey white and black patterns.

Price Range Rs 38/ft2 for Flooring

Price Range Rs 180/ft2 for slab

marble and granite badal greySunny Grey

Another common variety of marble that is also economical but a little expensive as compared to badal grey. This marble is also locally extracted in Pakistan.

Price Range Rs 40/ft2 for Flooring

Price Range Rs 180/ft2 for slab

sunny grey marbleOceanic Grey

Also know as “Emperador” in local market, other than flooring it is mostly used as stone & mosaic on walls, wall panels, waterfalls etc. It falls under the category of midrange marbles and is used both in economical as well as luxury houses.

Price Range Rs 38/ft2 for Flooring

Price Range Rs 170/ft2 for slab

oceanic grey emperador marbleSunny White

Belongs to the same family as that of sunny grey, however only difference is what the name suggests, it’s color. Both sunny grey and sunny white have same grains and crystals.

Price Range Rs 45/ft2 for Flooring

Price Range Rs 300/ft2 for slab

marble granite price sunny whiteTavera

Another inexpensive marble used for both floorings and windowsills. This stone is locally extracted in Pakistan and has very good durability.

Price Range Rs 47/ft2 for Flooring

Price Range Rs 180/ft2 for slab

tavera marble and granite price in pakistanZiarat White

A very fine and expensive variety of marble that is locally extracted in Pakistan. It can be categorised as a premium marble that has pure white background with random black patterns.

Price Range Rs 250/ft2 for Flooring

Price Range Rs 500-1200/ft2 for slab

ziarat white rate in pakistanBlack & Gold

Marble with a very ornamental and graceful finish that is mostly used as counter tops, stair slabs or to provide decorative patterns within other plain marble flooring. It has a natural durability defect and can crack in pieces during grinding or during installation.

Price Range Rs 95/ft2 for Flooring

Price Range Rs 310/ft2 for slab

black and gold marble rate in pakistanBoticina Fancy

One of the most widely used marbles for flooring and slabs is fancy boticina that is also know as boticina cream marble. It comes in a quite a few beige shades and is locally extracted in Pakistan. It is not an expensive marble and is used in low-cost projects.

Price Range Rs 75/ft2 for Flooring

Price Range Rs 270/ft2 for slab

boticina rate in pakistanVerona Marble

It is beige colored very fine variety of marble that is extracted in Pakistan and imported from China as well and known as “China verona” in local market. It is neither cheap nor too expensive but it’s available in quite a few qualities that are indicated by number of crystals in it. Fewer the crystals, better the quality and more the price.

Price Range Rs 120/ft2 for Flooring

Price Range Rs 420/ft2 for slab

verona marble rate in lahoreJet Black Granite

As its name suggests, it is pure black granite with very few whitish crystals in it. It is granite that is commonly available at economical prices all over Pakistan. It is available in both local and imported variety with the name of Pakistani Jet black, Indian black and China black.

Price Range Rs 380/ft2 for slab

jet black rate in pakistanSnow white Granite

A very common granite that is very commonly and widely used for stair and counter slabs. It is artificial granite unlike the jet black that is natural. Though all granites are expensive than most commonly used marbles but snow white granite can be categorised as one of the least expensive variety available in market.

Price Range Rs 550/ft2 for slab

snow white graniteSilver Pearl

Silver pearl is blue and greyish granite with silver crystals. It is considered as a superior and expensive variety in granites that is only used for counter tops or stair slabs.

Price Range Rs 950-1100/ft2 for slab up to 2 ft wide 

Pearl grey

Belongs to the same family of Silver pearl granite however only difference is that it does not consist of any bluish tone like silver pearl.

Price Range Rs 1100/ft2 for slab up to 2 ft wide

Indian tiger

As the name suggests, it consists of grains that are similar to patterns found on skin of a tiger. This variety of marble is not extracted locally, it is imported from India due to which rates of this granite are on a higher side. Recently due to some import restrictions by the Government of Pakistan, its availability has also become little difficult.

Price Range Rs 600/ft2 for slab  up to 2 ft wide

Baltic red

Another variety of granite that can be termed as superior and extracted from quarries located in India and few European countries. It consists of reddish spots with black or grey outlines and is mostly used for counter tops, stair marbles etc.

Price Range Rs 670/ft2 for slab up to 2 ft wide

baltic red granite price in pakistanBaltic brown

Baltic brown consists of circular dark brown spots unlike Baltic red that has red ones, surrounded with black outlines.

Price Range Rs 570/ft2 for slab up to 2 ft wide

baltic brown cost in pakistan

Other than these mentioned above, there are many other varieties of both natural and artificial marbles and granites available in market. However these are most commonly used in construction of houses in Pakistan.

In our next blog we will discuss how to check quality and quantity of Marble or granite.

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  • Arsalan on September 25, 2019

    Hey MR. Mohsin,
    Do you have a team for dry fixing of cladding ??

  • Mahmood Ali on September 17, 2019

    Mr. Mohsin, Many thanks for giving us valuable information. I really appreciate your efforts and the way in which you are replying really like a sadqa-e-Jaria.
    I m constructing a house at Bahria Town Rawalpindi. I m interested in Pakistan tiles for flooring. Did u recommend that. Also please tell me the rate of kacha farsh per sqft and tiles fixing rate. or as I m living abroad and managing hardly I will further appreciate if you could whatsapp me on 00966542835698.

    • Mohsin Munir on September 17, 2019

      Yes I have used Pakistan tiles and I would recommend it.

      Tile fixing labor is around 30-35 rs per sqft of surface area.

  • agha on May 16, 2019

    how much cost will be consume in 3500SQF for ziyart white . 1 x 2 marble size?

  • Rizwan on May 13, 2019

    One question: What are the labor costs for marble flooring?

  • azeem on April 14, 2019

    1. Badal Grey
    2.Sunny White

  • NOORZEB on April 12, 2019

    how much marble is need for12-x12 room

    • Mohsin Munir on April 12, 2019

      Approximately 150 sqft

      • Asim on April 19, 2019

        I have 2000 sq feet house how much it costs for verona

        • Mohsin Munir on April 19, 2019

          Tell surface area where marble is to be fixed, not the covered area

  • Khawar Afroze Ahmad on March 19, 2019

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    what is price biticena white /square ft

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    I want to know the rate of FLOWER marble. Please reply

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  • Anas Awan on January 25, 2019

    What is price of 2 ft* 1ft marble granite for house flooring

    • Mohsin Munir on January 25, 2019

      Each marble/granite has its own rate. Which one are you talking about?

      • Zain iftikhar on March 19, 2019

        What is difference between floor tile and slab tile?

        • Mohsin Munir on March 19, 2019

          Never heard of any slab tile or such word. Can you explain?

  • Wasim Yousaf on January 19, 2019

    Thank you very much for good info can you please recommend me some good marble for flooring which have nearly price 100 per sqf thank you again

    • Mohsin Munir on January 19, 2019

      Go for china verona’s best shadez

  • Innovations Pakistan on November 30, 2018

    I want to know the rate of FARMICO marble and FLOWER marble. Please reply

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      Thanks for appreciating Naveed, to be honest I do not have any referrence contact in that region.

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