Electric wires in Pakistan

Electric wires in Pakistan

Electric wires

Another crucial item required during construction of your house and also as a first step of finishing works are electric wires. Electric wires serve the purpose of supplying current to all your appliances and devices. Electric wire consists of two components, copper conductor and insulation. Copper conductor is the main component that carries current whereas insulation carries the copper conductor in it.

Electric wires used in houses are also known as “General Purpose” wires. This type of wires are manufactured in different sizes and cores however following are only required during house construction:

Single Core 3/.029 or 1.5 mm

Most of the wires used in a residential house are single core 3/.029. Where 3 indicates number of copper conductors inside the insulation and .029 indicates diameter in inches of each conductor. 3/.029 wire is used to supply current to all low voltage appliances and devices.

Single Core 7/.029 or 2.5 mm

7/.029 is the wire that is used as main wires of each room separately where 7 indicates number of copper conductors inside the insulation and .029 indicates diameter in inches of each conductor. A single 7/.029 wire connects respective room with the main DB (Distribution box) hence carrying all load of that particular room excluding air conditioner or any other high current appliance/device that is wired completely separately.

Single Core 7/.036 or 4 mm

Every house consists of many high current appliances such as Air conditioners, electric heaters, electric geezers, ovens etc. Though all these wires can operate on 3/.029 or 7/.029 too, preferred wire for such appliances and devices is 7/.036 electric wires where 7 indicates number of copper conductors inside the insulation and .036 indicates diameter in inches of each conductor.

4 Core 19/.052 or 25mm

A very critical wire used in house construction is 4 core 19/.052 where 19 represents number of strands/conductors in each core and .052 indicates effective cross-section of each core. These wires are used as main wires that connect the main electric supply from high voltage wires to your house. 4 core wires are available both in Copper strands and silver strands, the main supply high voltage wires fixed by the government are made of silver, however it is always recommended to used copper 4 core wires for main connection since it carries all the electric load of a house.

Intercom/telephone cable 1 to 5 pair

All companies manufacturing general cable electric wires for residential or commercial purpose, also make communication cables used for intercoms, telephones and other low voltage devices. These wires are manufactured in different pairs where each pair consists of two separate strands/conductors. 1 pair is generally used throughout the house for telephone connections. Whereas 5 pair is used from Main entrance of house to internal junction box of communication services for connecting intercom, camera, electric locks etc.

Coaxial cable RJ-6/RJ-7

Another important cable that is required nowadays in houses is Coaxial cable that comes in two grades named as RJ-6 or RJ-7 where 6 represents superior quality of signal transmission. Coaxial cables are used for networking, communication dishes, television connections, long range CCTVs etc. Separate conduit/pipes are fixed in walls for coaxial cable where ever connection is required in house for TV/Dish.

electric wires in pakistan general purpose wires 3 29

There are many brands manufacturing quality general purpose electric wires that claim there wires to be 99% copper and fire proof insulator. Some of them are:

Quality check on site for electric wires

Though they might or might not have a conductor that comprises of 99.9% copper, however all these brands are highly recommended. A small fire test can be carried out to test the insulator of wires on site. Take a small piece of wire and light a fire on it, the insulator should not act as a fuel and enhance the fire, it should resist and extinguish the fire quickly. Quality of insulator depends upon the rate at which fire extinguishes. Better the quality, more quickly the fire will extinguish. Secondly copper quality can easily be checked on site by its permanent and ineradicable colour, can be bent and twisted without breaking or stretching. There are many nameless wires available in the market at cheap rates, however most of such wires are of inferior quality. Using such wires in houses or other places is never recommended. Inferior quality wires can cause short circuits resulting in fires and utility bills for electricity consumption can also be on higher sides.

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Mohsin Munir
Holding a degree in BS EE (Electrical engineering) and astounding knowledge of house construction business since 2010, wide experience and relevant expertise in the construction business. Believe in research based strategy while holding a distinguished position in the construction market. Started at a small scale in 2010 and recognised among the top builders and contractors in Pakistan now, especially among the expatriates and overseas Pakistanis who always trusted in our commitment and services.


  • Abbas Raza on July 10, 2019

    @Mohsin, Thanks a lot for sharing the info, it’s very helpful. Do you have any idea about Azmat cables? If so, would you recommend it to someone who is not able to get Pakistan Cables due to strike/etc?

    • Mohsin Munir on July 10, 2019

      I have never heard about Azmat cables in Lahore and Islamabad region.

  • Shahid Jan on June 14, 2019

    Is Pakistan Cable is approved from PWD for their projects?

    • Mohsin Munir on June 14, 2019

      Only Pakistan cables can give you the answer of this question.

  • Farhan on May 11, 2019

    Dear Mohsin Sab,
    Your article is very helpful for people like us.

    Will appreciate If U can advise an estimated electrical cables requirement for my newly constructed house which is 5 Marla (Double story) – in each floor there are total 2 Bed rooms, 1 draining room, 1 Hall, 1 kitchen and 2 bath rooms (2 A.C points on each floor). Please advice Type / size & quantity of cables required. Jazak ALLAH.

    • Mohsin Munir on May 11, 2019

      Thanks Farhan sb for appreciating

      Wiring cables requirement can not be estimated in this way. It has to be checked on site and calculated as per route distance and other requirements

  • amad on May 10, 2019

    dear mohsin munir ; please advice me which cable is batter from WAPDA meter to main board of home
    25 mm 4 core or 35mm 3 core

  • Ali Rehman on January 25, 2019

    Very Good Article. Can Any one here please guide me how much estimate roughly be required to put overground electrical wiring of a house into underground? I can provide further detail if required

    • Mohsin Munir on January 25, 2019

      What is the size of your house in marlas?

  • Mohsin Munir on January 18, 2019

    It is not recommended, it should be replaced. Best would be copper into meter and copper into db. However if not possible than it should remain silver throught upto db.
    Gauge depends upon the total elec load for your house.

    • Usman on January 19, 2019

      IS there a chart on which I can correlate the power with gauge ?for example if I have three ac working with ups and normal 3 room
      Load what would be the gauge I am looking for ?becur I was told a 16 mm gauge should be fine?and should the gauge of the wire that is entering the meter and exiting the meter into db be of same gauge ?or it could vary ?

      • Mohsin Munir on January 21, 2019

        Dear Usman,
        There are plenty of charts available online where you can correlate the load of your house with gauge that you tentatively require. If you have 1.5 ton 3 inverter acs and 3 rooms with standard appliances such as fans, lights, light plugs etc your approximate load will be 3.8 to 4 kwh, for which 16 mm copper is more than enough.
        In ideal scenario gauge should be same both input and output of the meter. But if due to whatsoever reasons there is a difference, it wont harm your house or your electric bill to a significant effect.

        • Usman on January 23, 2019

          THANK you so much for the timely responses and I appreciate the good work you are doing .thank you once again

          • Mohsin Munir on January 24, 2019

            Welcome Usman, looking forward for your contribution on our website in future too. If you have expertise in any field regarding house construction and you can pen it down in form of article, we will post it on our website for the guidance of others with your name.

  • Usman on January 10, 2019

    They say that there shouldn’t be silver and Copper joint ,Is that true ?

    • Mohsin Munir on January 11, 2019

      True, there must be a bus bar or other method for joining copper and silver, direct joint should be avoided. Causes resistance hence resulting in loss.

      • usman on January 17, 2019

        if copper wire is coming from wapda into meter and the from meter to DB it is silver ,is it going to cause problem ?and if so would it be better if the copper is turned into silver so that a silver is going thorughout ?or copper into meter and copper from meter into DB ,

        and if silver wire is throughout does it cause any problem ?and what gauge should be used ?

  • human on December 25, 2018

    sir kindly guide about solar panel cable

  • Hafiz on December 17, 2018

    Your post is very helpful for me. Thanks

  • Shehzad on September 13, 2018

    Dear article writer..please suggest best cable for house..pakistan cables or newage or pioneer or fast..please give sincere advice

    • Mohsin Munir on September 13, 2018

      Pakistan cables

      • Qasim on March 19, 2019

        Can you please comment, which is the 2nd best cable in the market as Pakistan Cables is expensive than all others

        • Mohsin Munir on March 20, 2019

          Coppergat, excel, allied, gm

          • Qasim on March 21, 2019

            Jazakalah for your response,

            what is your opinion on Newage and Fast cables, can they be considered as 2nd best?

          • Mohsin Munir on March 21, 2019

            Yes very good brands!

    • sami tariq on February 8, 2019

      Aoa sir wapda pole is 800feet faraway from My house which wire is best for electric supply connection.764/772

  • Syed waqar on April 24, 2018

    primetrade.pk is best for purchase electric wires cable and cable accessories in pakistan

    • Mohsin Munir on April 24, 2018

      Thanks for sharing. Will definitely check it out.

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