Steel reinforcement for house construction

Steel reinforcement for house construction

Steel reinforcement

In civil engineering, it is mostly referred as reinforcements or rebar and as discussed in earlier blogs about cement sand and bricks, it is another crucial material required during grey structure construction of house. Steel is used in form of meshes to strengthen and hold concrete together. Without reinforcements, concrete cannot sustain heavy tension since it has weak tensile strength. Rebar is usually manufactured in two grades for domestic utilisation in Pakistan where the grade indicates its minimum yield strength:

-Grade 40

-Grade 60

Rebar used in construction of houses is further classified as:


-Tor bar

Deformed bars are mostly used in all type of reinforcements such as in lintels, slabs etc. in domestic residential constructions in following sizes:

reinforcement in lanter steel in slab

Some of the most reputable brands of steel used in Pakistan are:

  1. Ittefaq
  2. Ittehad
  3. Model
  4. Saeed kasur
  5. Mughal
  6. Amreli
  7. Izhar
  8. Pak steel

Always use branded steel during construction of your house. There are many other local mills that produce rebar and are available at cheaper rates. It will be wise to stay away as there should be made no structural compromise at any stage of construction.

Quantity check on site

Steel is purchased and offloaded on sites in bulks of tons, hence it becomes difficult and a little complicated to perform quantity check on site. Purchase from reputable dealers and avoid street wandering agents just like the case in cement. It has daily-based rates which vary. Many fraudulent dealers will offer a lower price as compare to market rate, which they later recover during weighing process and a layman will not be able to notice the damage. Stay alert during weighing process even if you are buying from reputable dealer and when the steel is being transported from store to your site. However if you still want to verify the amount of steel offloaded on site, you can calculate by counting total lengths and multiply below mentioned kg/ft. figures with total running feet of steel of respective bar designation.

how to calculate weight of steel

Quality check on site

Most of the quality checks on steel such as yield strength test, tensile strength test etc. are carried out in labs with proper instruments. However on site you can carry out following basic checks for satisfactions:

Weight test

Weight of the bar per length or per running foot should be the same as mentioned in above table.


It should not be hard and un-bendable. It should be easily bent to 90° and straighten back without breaking or any signs of cracks.

reinforcement steel bars for beams columns slabs

How much steel is used in construction of 5 marla house, 10 marla house, 1 kanal house and other structures, what are structural drawings and what is the importance of structural engineer during house construction? These topics will be discussed in coming blogs, stay tuned.

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