Cement for House construction

Cement It is another essential material used in house construction and all kind of constructions. From foundations till completion of the house, it is required at various stages. It is of two types, Grey cement and White cement. White cement is rarely used throughout construction for works like tile grouting and during paint works. However […]

Construction guide Field Series Episode 3 Basement

Basement Construction Field series Episode 3 – R.C.C Basement bed In this episode our technical staff will explain proceedings after following steps discussed in last episode: -Marking for excavation -Excavation -Compaction -Basement Bed P.C.C (Plain cement concrete) -Termite Proofing Step 7  to be discussed: R.C.C Basement bed which will include brief tutorials about: -Toe wall for […]

Cost for Grey structure house construction

Aug 2018 UPDATE: Rates of certain materials have increased hence overall per square foot cost has gone up. Latest video has been posted and click here to go to latest house construction grey structure cost article.   Construction cost for grey structure construction of dream house After discussing size and location of plot in previous episode, in […]

Compromising on quality of material for saving the costs

Faults and Defects: Biggest distress and agony during or after the house construction is the occurrence or emergence of faults and defects such as minor cracks, seepage, leakages, floor sinking etc. Perfection is impossible and houses have to deteriorate with passage of time, but issues such as mentioned above sometimes appear rather soon after finishing […]

Construction guide Field Series Episode 2

Construction Field series Episode 2 – Marking, Excavation, Compaction, PCC for Basement bed and termite proofing In this episode our technical staff will explain proceedings after Demarcation of your plot. Step 2: Marking for excavation Step 3: Excavation Step 4: Compaction Step 5: Basement Bed P.C.C (Plain cement concrete) Step 6: Termite Proofing Introduction: Team […]

Construction guide Field Series Episode 1

Demarcation of your plot This is the Episode 1 of field series under our initiative of construction guide. We will be giving you a brief introduction about demarcation of your plot before starting the construction of house. Demarcation is the first step when you start the construction of your house. This process is basically carried […]